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May 28, 2004

Emo: Where the Girls Aren't
Lee Greenwood deconstructed

May 27, 2004

Where's the oxyclean guy when you need him? In what's being called a local wardrobe malfunction, area resident and Klansman Arnie Stevens showed up at his latest Ku Klux Klan rally in a pink hood and a pink robe. (i guess now's as good a time as ever to see if oxyclean does indeed "make your whites whiter...")
What does "Virtue" looks like? Graphic experiments depicting 'simple' concepts, part of the excellent Speak Up graphic design site. Just the thing for burnt-out pixel monkeys to unwind with... *cough*. And some are really funny too.
Let us celebrate our cultural diversity: the Racial Slur Database. For those times when you're at a loss for that malicious mot juste. Were you aware that a "big nose" not only means Jew, but that it's a term Asians use for all white people? I guess we all look alike to them.
The South Shall Rise Again! Looks like the other side of the fanatical base of the Republican Party has finally caught on to what the Free Stater's have been planning for a few years now.
Getting a foot in the door in Iraq.
Playing with paperclips, ending with art. more inside
Art or Bio terrorism? Steve Kurtz was already suffering from one tragedy when he called 911 early in the morning to tell them his wife had suffered a cardiac arrest and died in her sleep. The police arrived and, cranked up on the rhetoric of the "War on Terror," decided Kurtz's art supplies were actually bioterrorism weapons. more inside
A visual feast of images from over thirty collections. Choose from cartography, fine arts, architecture, photography. [via researchbuzz]
On-line Forums - which one? Curious George : When I'm not devouring the threads on MoFi, or waiting for the MeFi to come back on-line, I manage a sizeable database. I've been looking at ways of communicating better with the userbase (approx 500) and encouraging them to share best practice amongst themselves. An on-line forum seems to be a sensible way forward, I've seen Yahoo Groups and it seems to fit the bill, BUT under their Terms and conditions they own all of the information posted to the forum. Does anyone know of any other forum hosting sites or even have any experience of hosting on their own server with some off-the-shelf application,
Janakpur Women's Development Centre. 'The paintings are rooted in traditions which Maithil women have passed down through generations. On the occasion of marriage or for festivals such as Deepawali, Maithil women paint lively designs on the mud walls of their houses. During Deepawali, in order to attract Laxmi the goddess of wealth, they paint designs of elephants and peacocks which symbolize prosperity, as well as images of tigers, birds, and other animals. In monsoon season the paintings fade or wash away.' Gallery here.
Ghost photographed in Welsh Castle - It looks as fake as anything, but maybe worth having a gander. Also, does a ghost haunt the Tawas Lighthouse? Probably not. more inside
Rockfish is impressive as hell. yes, it's a qt link and i imagine it'll be a bit of a download, but WHOA.
Super Size Me I saw this movie today and it was excellent. It is nice to see that MTV is just a cog in the consumerism selling machine. To be a little more articulate, Super Size Me provides people with information regarding the negative health effects of eating fast food on a consistent basis over a months time. Call it unrealistic, slanted, but I thought that the arguments were well supported and thought provoking. For MTV to argue that the specter of defamation exists, and hence they will not advertise it is BS!!
Damn you, internet! Apparently the "dont ask, dont tell" policy is being exploited by jilted gay military ex's to out their former SO's to give them the boot. more inside
Eric Idle presents... The FCC Song. [Not safe for America, via Disinformation.]
Supersize Any Image With The "Rasterbator"! Create HUGE posters out of small image files! more inside
The Lost Museum: A virtual recreation of P. T. Barnum's American Museum

May 26, 2004

Feeling saucy, monkeys? Your "words of wisdom" could be published on the nearly 5 billion sauce packets distributed in Taco Bell
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