May 27, 2004

A visual feast of images from over thirty collections. Choose from cartography, fine arts, architecture, photography. [via researchbuzz]
  • Thanks mamasaurus! I really enjoyed digging through those collections and being a bit of a map freak I particularly enjoyed the cartography section. :-D
  • I must be doing something wrong. Having difficulties navigating this site, mamasaurus. now. "Insight Browser has encountered a problem and needs to close now" -- gets tedious. The glimpses of thumbnails I got looked interesting, but I haven't managed to see anything larger.
  • I think it only works with IE, Mozilla and Netscape. Popups have to be allowed to get it to work, and it's not the speediest thing either :-(
  • The above frustrations came by way of IE6. I'll try again later with Mozilla, then, and thanks, mamasaurus.