May 27, 2004

Where's the oxyclean guy when you need him? In what's being called a local wardrobe malfunction, area resident and Klansman Arnie Stevens showed up at his latest Ku Klux Klan rally in a pink hood and a pink robe. (i guess now's as good a time as ever to see if oxyclean does indeed "make your whites whiter...")
  • Yeah i know its satire...but i'm still laughing...!
  • Good satire at that. Funny stuff. I almost bit through my ink pen when I got to the part where he was sent home on suspicion of homosexuality.
  • What's inside is what counts," said Arnie, wiping back a tear. It made me laugh, but it also made me THINK.
  • Man, we're on a roll here with Racist Thursday.
  • Rolypoly...take a chill pill! I'm black, and i thought it was hilarious!
  • Does anyone else find that Oxyclean doesn't work very well? I don't find it very parrful at all.
  • ""Unfortunately, my fellow Klansman judged me solely on the color of my robe. But I can't help what color my robe is, can I?" ROFLMAO!!
  • Damn! You totally had me going there for a minute. "...just goes to show you segregation is the way of the Lord. In laundry and also in life." Dave Chapelle should do a scetch based on this.
  • ramix - No, it was a great link; I just found the ongoing theme kinda funny.