May 27, 2004

What does "Virtue" looks like? Graphic experiments depicting 'simple' concepts, part of the excellent Speak Up graphic design site. Just the thing for burnt-out pixel monkeys to unwind with... *cough*. And some are really funny too.
  • [ this is awesome ] Now to whomp up a download and stitch script so I can turn them into wallpaper.
  • Fan-tas-tic link. Some really creative stuff here. Looking at stuff like this makes me wish I knew how to do graphic design.
  • ))))))))))))))) Brilliant. Superb link, Flagpole!
  • These are fun -- thanks, Flagpole.
  • This is a great site. Makes me want to play, too. *Just what I need--another computer time-waster. Damn you, Pole!
  • This is great! The site is well designed too. One reason I identify with this site so well is that about a few year ago, when I was looking for pictures on the Google picture search I started searching for expressions: 'happy', 'sad', 'ponder' etc. You get hilarious results, I think in many ways it exceeds a dictionary, as each word often has thousands of definitions (pictures), each made up of thousands of ideas in each image.