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Not knowing what to write in this section, sought inspiration and decided to answer the Ten Random Questions
1. Spiders Web roundabout - one of the most dangerous play things ever
2. Boxes of books - split into read / yet to read
3. You're English aren't you - being Welsh that hurt :-)
4. Dubya's - that would leave me the remaining 24hrs 59mins 59secs to enjoy myself
5. Rugby initiation - Sweaty Socks, ashtray contents, pint glass, pint of cider - were the ingredients
6. The abilty to drink copious amounts and still be ok the following day
7. I secretly think Grease 2 was a great film
8. no, but i can put both legs behind my neck
9. trashy tv
10. Prince Albert I do not fancy.
Now what were the questions?

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