May 27, 2004

Supersize Any Image With The "Rasterbator"! Create HUGE posters out of small image files!

(I think it is a stupid name, too...)

  • Hmmm, I would say the guy who put his girlfriends face on his is a little smarter than getting her name tattooed across his knuckles. But I think it would kind of creep someone out eventually.
  • Diz, I don't want to piss you off (again), but this makes no sense. Sure, this thing adds information to information-poor images, but all it adds, strictly speaking, is noise. /no-fun never-laughing cold technocratic comissar
  • Commissar *tires easily, pines for long days spent alone in silence talking to computer*
  • Thanks, Dizzy! I had been looking for something that would do this for a while. I have a couple maps that are 1 page pdf files that I would like to be bigger. I know that the image quality won't be great but at least its something.
  • Wolof; I'm not really up on my digerati-speak ("information to information-poor images..."..."all it adds is noise"), I just thought "What a cool way to decorate my nephew's bedroom" and "This is waaay cheaper than having a copy-shop charge me $20 USD to blow something up for a party or open house or gag gift, etc..." No offense taken, however, W; I'm glad we're (finally) playing nice with each other!
  • Dizzy, this thing kicks ass plain and simple. For the bored college student like me it's perfect for wall decorations and the "white noise" just makes it look a little bit stylish and from far away you can barely tell. I'm working on a 7x7, 49 sheet horizontal wall hanging right now. All in all this is one of the coolest things I've gotten from Mofi thus far and just wanted to let you know. :)