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May 26, 2004

Have you ever wondered what all those notes mean? I have been teaching music to people of varying ages, abilities and tastes for a long time and this is far and away the best music theory resource I have seen online. From the basics of pitch, duration and time to the nature of a musical score it is all here.
House of Ugoff! Ok, this could fall under the "monkeyproductfilter" category, but hell, I think the whole Ugoff (Flash, SFW unless you work at McDonalds or Wendy's)campaign for Burger King's salads is brilliant. I particularly like the pouch set up against the fashionable purses and bags in the style section.
Curious George: Getting out of frames jail. How can I close a Web page frame using a "javascript:" command on a browser address: bar? Of course this assumes I can find the frame name. An example: the frame at the top of this page. On sites like Delphi Forum boards I am frequently stuck in "frames jail" where 20% of the screen is occupied by dead space. No luck Googling on this one -- far too many nonrelevant hits to sift through.
Photoshop makes art safe for children Taking a hint from John Ashcroft, Worth 1000 makes the classics of Western Art SFW. [via boingboing]
When pop culture references collide! and have dancing skeleton babies. (Flash) more inside
Hell, by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman, may also have perished.
Fafblog interviews Dr. James Dobson. [via boingboing]
Not only a lovely name but lovely tunes to boot. Faking the books by Lali Puna was released last month. Soft luscious voice, hacked up synth sounds, strong production. nice site too. courtesy of ink mathematics [dot] com
Farside, remixed. So, you've got the IntarWeb as a source of images. You've got photoshop. And you love Gary Larson. What more fitting tibute could there be than to make his cartoons come to life? [via skallas]
Phish is over..... Damm it.....
Game Boy music madness
Darren Waterston's art blends Japanese screens and silkwork with the organic and fluid. Plus, monkeys.
Somebody should have seen this coming...
Spanky the Clown arrested on child pornography charges. There are just... no words. I am beside myself laughing at the headline alone. Just... no words. One would think his choice of clown name would have raised flags.
World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of World's Largest Things! more inside
Breedster's Output. A fascinating series of graphs representing the breedster community. Breedster was announced to the monkey world in an earlier post.

May 25, 2004

Crime: Texas style We're number one! We're number one! Eat that, L.A.! more inside
The Coca-Cola Nazi Advert Challenge Design a poster that accurately depicts the close relationship between Coca Cola and the Third Reich for a London exhibit. Unfortunately there are no entries yet, but the links are interesting. more inside
Hitler kin doesn't want rights to Mein Kampf, even though they may be worth millions. It's not like he's asking for them; but a scholar says he could successfully sue the government of Bavaria if he wanted to. What would you do with the money?
The Colorquiz A small cgi script that will stare deep into your soul.
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