May 27, 2004

Super Size Me I saw this movie today and it was excellent. It is nice to see that MTV is just a cog in the consumerism selling machine. To be a little more articulate, Super Size Me provides people with information regarding the negative health effects of eating fast food on a consistent basis over a months time. Call it unrealistic, slanted, but I thought that the arguments were well supported and thought provoking. For MTV to argue that the specter of defamation exists, and hence they will not advertise it is BS!!
  • I read an interview with Timothy Leary recently. It was about fifteen years old and they asked Tim what he saw as a likely world of the future. Tim said we were headed into totalitarian government, thought control, abridgement of human rights, mass censorship and other corporate mindfucks; but that people would be drastically smarter and call things into question much more often than they had in the past, due to the constant exposure and dissemination of information. Tim Leary was a pretty bright guy.
  • Interesting....I will have to think about that..
  • nice to see that MTV is just a cog in the consumerism selling machine Mmmh, well, that's what it was and is about, isn't it? Nothing but ads for vinyl and now CDs? That at first they literally rocked the boat, gave an outlet for truly gifted music and video artists that created incredible stuff is one thing, but that's what Mtv always was: commercials. Cool, innovative, thought-provoking ones, but commercials they were. At least back then when they didn't have a dozen Jackass and Real World clones...
  • It is nice to see that MTV is just a cog in the consumerism selling machine *amazed, scales drop from eyes*
  • forks: The first makes sense, but the second? C'mon, how many people in the US believe the line that Saddam was an ally of bin Laden? That the planes that hit the WTC were packed with Iraqis?
  • Damn, MTV has totally sold out. *starts tearing all his MTV patches off his denim jacket*
  • I am positively itching to see this movie. Some good documentaries have been getting big-time exposure the last couple of years. I'm particularly eager for the release of The Hunting of the President, as I'm a Little Rock resident and have read (and loved) Conason's and Lyon's book. Actually got to see Gene Lyons speak at the Arkansas Lit Fest this year. It amazes me how money talks in such things as this -- it shouldn't, but it does. Brings to mind the obvious examples: moveon ads, "The Reagans," etc. Does MTV really think that McDonald's is really going to stop advertising on what amounts to the largest teen network in the world?
  • News in a similar vein here and here.
  • Ugh. That poor kid. That's just... That poor kid.
  • I just mentioned this in the other fastfood thread (not knowing that this one was here), but it was very amusing. The local movie theatre, a nice and small two screen place, is playing Super Size Me!, and giving it their endorsement on the billboard outside: "We're loving it!"