May 27, 2004

Damn you, internet! Apparently the "dont ask, dont tell" policy is being exploited by jilted gay military ex's to out their former SO's to give them the boot.

Does this mean rummy is going to start trolling Online Groups looking for servicefolk? And (while admittedly not too widespread) isnt this a strange twist for a controversial law made to exclude gays being used by gays who circumvented it against other gays who also circumvented it for some kind of petty revenge? head hurts.

  • Well, that's one risk of this sort of policy. Another is recruitment of key personell by foreign powers using these tactics; it's one way the Soviets, ahem, penetrated the British secret services.
  • I wonder at what point your conscience kicks in? I understand being pissed at a lover who has jilted you (I for one have had my heart ripped out, thrown to the floor, and urinated upon by a woman I previously thought to be good and decent), but to actively destroy someone's career like this? Smaaaaaaaaaaall. Don't ask/don't tell hasn't worked at all. As I understand it, the numbers indicate that discharges for gay soldiers and violence committed against them has actually increased since its inception. It ain't gonna get better until sodomy's no longer a violation of the uniform code.
  • discharges for gay soldiers gay soldier discharges or discharges by non-gays using it as a way out of their service agreement? The violence increase (whole) also coincides with the banning of drugs/narcotics, random drug testing and raising the age to 21 for a pitcher of beer. It is a kinder, gentler military.
  • Haw haw! /Nelson