May 27, 2004

Rockfish is impressive as hell. yes, it's a qt link and i imagine it'll be a bit of a download, but WHOA.
  • Very cool!!!!
  • wow, quite impressive, but at first when i saw the link I thought it had something to do with the band Blur.
  • Boy, you ain't kiddin'! Really impressive.
  • "The Young Man and the Desert"...? mmhh... Blur Studios rule.
  • Quite well done.
  • wow.
  • holy crap. that's great.
  • Where can I get me one of those spacemonkeys?
  • great find, my friend!
  • SWEEEEET! And by sweet, I mean totally awesome!
  • Finally managed to see it. Very impressive! I like the baits, myself. Where do I get 'em funny shaped glowing bottles?
  • OMG. Wow. Great find!
  • we're gonna need a bigger exo-terran armored surface crawler.
  • So is that guy gonna have to pay for a new truck, or is he allowed to trash it like that, or what? Is there like cosmic insurance or something to cover that? Was this just a really big rockfish, or something, cos he looked like he'd snared a few before with that rig... this thing conjures many questions in my mind. My only complaint about alien spacemonkeys is animators seem to want to make their eyes too Disney-like. Viz that thing fro Lost In Space. The rest of it was grand.