November 23, 2007

Fine Cell Work - a charity that teaches fine needlework to British prison inmates and sells their products. Quilting, too.

November 22, 2007

It's Jerry Time! The Gobbler - let's catch up with Jerry. more inside
Now that you've eaten Thanksgiving dinner, see what a week's worth of food looks like in different societies. Via Reddit.
A little fun before you eat pie
Denial makes the world go round.
Jan Terry! Jan Terry! Jan Terry! Jan Terry!

November 21, 2007

You-Tubal Ligation YouTube-less George: Can we talk about the use/abuse of YouTube links in FPPs? more inside
Understanding the "carried interest" issue. This is the reason hedge fund managers pay just 15% in tax on their income rather than the up to 35% others pay in regular income tax, the reason Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. While some Democrats are fighting to change things, others are...well, some would say they're selling out to hedge fund money.
All UK families with a child under 16 are at risk of fraud and identity theft, after the government loses two CDs in the post. The CDs are password-protected but no mention has been made of any form of encryption, meaning it's a sure bet the CDs will be easily accessed, especially if the Chancellor's password is "hello". It strikes a blow to the government's push towards centralisation of all records.
"Worse than Bush." Over 30,000 people have signed a petition to censure CA Senator Dianne Feinstein for siding with Bush to0 frequently and not upholding the principles of the Democratic Party. The above quote actually came from Bob Mullholland, voice piece of the party. He was talking about the activists. more inside
Best music videos of all time somehow mistakenly labeled "worst of all time", but no matter. Please enjoy this treasure trove of excellent choreography and masterful lip-syncing, set to the best music imaginable. more inside
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy is a book about the aesthetics of videogames — what they share with cinema, the history of painting, or literature; and what makes them different, in terms of form, psychology and semiotics. It was first published in 2000; this is the revised edition with the updated Afterword written in 2004. It’s offered under a CC license, for a limited time only. I’m not sure how limited that time will be, so grab it while it’s hot. more inside

November 20, 2007

Life Imitates Advertising. Airline passenger recreates Apple iPhone ad and annoys the pilot.
What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? more inside
Robo Kitty Litter. Although the cat in the pic looks more like it should be saying "I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave". more inside
Stripe Generator 2.0b - for fans of Gene Davis, Jamaican beer, bumblebees and such.
What would you do with your old wedding ring? more inside
Queen's (Dr.) Brian May (CBE) is now Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. After finally attaining a PhD in astrophysics, the university made Queen guitarist Brian May an Honorary Fellow earlier this year and he now takes over Cherie Booth (aka Mrs Blair) as the university figurehead.
Strange Sights Discovered in Google Earth Some of these are very interesting, and some just make you go "wtf ? firefox cropcircle?"

November 19, 2007

Photos from Endeavour These are supposedly from the last Endeavour mission. They are incredible. First time seeing photos from space at "daytime". Enjoy. Monkeylion out.
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