November 05, 2007

The Bodybuilder and I. A documentary filmmaker reunites with his estranged father through the world of competitive geriatric bodybuilding.

The movie is getting good reviews and awards, and will no doubt tell you more about old-man bodybuilding than you will ever need to know.

  • I've been building an old man's body unbeknownst for years, it turns out.
  • I am not a big fan of doing unnatural things with the body, but I hold a special place for elderly bodybuilders. I did, however, enjoy the following quote from the main article about "being constantly disappointed in a lack of omnipotence." Which, of course, is an anagram for "being constantly disappointed in a lack of no impotence."
  • It is easy to make fun of people who are older that do things that are not things old people usually do. But unless the guy is doing some steroids or something, what he is doing is really healthy, isn't it? I look at my own father and look at his life of watching television everyday and I think that I wish I could be making fun of him for lifting weights or something instead. At least then he might be trying.