November 08, 2007

The Experiences of a Very Unimportant Officer. "The dugouts in this part of the line were infested with rats. They would frequently walk over one when asleep. I was much troubled by them coming and licking the brilliantine off my hair; for this reason, I had to give up using grease on my head. I never heard them biting anyone."
  • This was beautifully trailed on the Today programme this morning. I can't believe it's has not got a proper paper-based publisher yet. Top quote: "Describing the event with surprising humour, he wrote: "I started to cough and brought up some blood and a bit of the shell which must have stuck in my wind pipe. "My servant very kindly retrieved the bit of iron out of the mud and handing it to me, remarked that I might like to keep it. This I did and my wife has it now." The past sucked.
  • I'd really love to read this. He seems like an interesting man, who could bring tragedy to light with humor. And I agree, it should be published via retail publisher.
  • Great post, swbm. I wonder how many other fascinating and important memoirs are lying gather ing dust, to say nothing of all those experiences that never got recorded.
  • Quite a handsome feller, too.
  • Some very moving stories in the comments section. I wonder if he ever contributed to the Wipers Times?