November 06, 2007

Sun Aura Resort (NSFW) - now with chat room goodness.
  • *straps on guitar*
  • I did some clicking for investigative purposes. The only nudity I saw were the pics of the pets. Even the wedding photos were fully clothed. I am not a nudist by any means, but I would expect there to be more...nudity?
  • The good captain has a strap-on.
  • the words "nudity" and "nudists" are NSFW now?
  • Zee chatroom gets rather risque • webcams + nudity = nsfw
  • They don't accept credit cards? Where are you supposed to carry cash and a checkbook?
  • The same place you would carry your credit card, I presume.
  • Maybe you just give them the shirt off your back.
  • I went to a nudist camp once, but was very annoyed at having people accidentally stepping on my unit all day.
  • 48 degrees, feels like 38 degrees and cloudy I'm taking off everything but my COAT!
  • 41 degrees, and the scrotal shrink factor is an "8".