October 07, 2004

What's in a year? Curious George: I notice we're up to 1980 monkeys. Will we get to 2000 by the 1 year anniversary? Do you care? more inside
Read here for details. MonkeyFilter experienced about six hours of downtime today which can be read about in my blog. We've reset MoFi with the most recent forty posts and two thousand comments. This is not an excuse for double posts, monkeys! Let me know if anything's broken. Have a nice day.
Obnoxious George! What is your most obnoxious public habit? By that I mean, something the public is going to see. And what is your most Awwwwwww! inspiring trait? Something cute, but that other people secretly think you are a nutjob for doing. 1. Yelling out my window at people doing dumb stuff. All I'm missing is the creaky front porch, rocking chair, and gnarled walking stick to shake. 2. Pick up and move to safety virtually any critter in danger of getting squashed on the sidewalk, including slugs. I draw the line at babies.
The days of saying "the check won't be cashed until thursday, which gives me time to deposit money in the account on wed." are over... there's a new rule that'll cut that whole 3 day process to just about 1! This sux the Nth power...particularly since that's the only reason why I use checks at all...to get that 3 day buffer, and scrape up some money. does this affect anyone else? or is it just me, the broken, the poor, the college student?
Photography of David Maisel.

October 06, 2004

Bush suckers cable news into carrying a campaign speech. The White House described it as a significant speech on terrorism and the economy. It wasn't - it was a campaign speech carried in full on the 24-hour cable news networks. more inside
Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 - Mein Gott im himmel! These are repugnant! Perhaps the idea was aversion therapy? There are such horrors as the chilled celery log, the fish "tacos" (made using toast - tortillas hadn't made it across the border in 1974), the liver pãté en bukkake, and the ever popular Eraserhead roast chicken. Eeeeeviiiiil!!! more inside
The CIA finally admitted that although Saddam had intentions to build them (WMD's) -- big surprise here -- He had no economical means to do so. If I recall correctly, it was just a little over a year ago that the ppl atop were swearing up and down that there WERE indeed WMD's and that we were all gonna die. I don't care how aloof Bush is, or how hard-faced Cheney can get, this WILL hurt. (at least someone has the silver bullet now..USE IT) Let's see how quickly this report gets buried by the media.
Geek Test - I scored a 1481. I wonder how all of you Monkeys would score.
e-petitions Is anyone else's inbox being bombarded with e-petitions like this? I get them all the time and wonder if they ever accomplish anything. Furthermore, when they ask you to send every 10th signature to president@whitehouse.gov, who actually reads it?
Clueless They're at it is again. First it was the Olympics, now it is a new, unheard of search engine. more inside
Dog of the Day! Bookmark it. Enjoy life each day for at least 30 seconds.
We've all heard of Watson and Crick. Who knew about this guy? DNA pioneer Maurice Wilkins died yesterday at the age of 88. One of three Nobel laureates for his work in helping discover the helical structure of DNA, Wilkins is probably the least known of the four people who were most responsible for describing DNA as we know it. more inside
The 'smoking louse'. A study at the University of Utah shows that only one of the two lice species on current Homo Sapiens evolved on us. This proves contact with earlier human species - perhaps Homo Erectus. more inside
Show us your papers. Yet another national ID proposal, but it looks like this one has wings. Employers would be required to check for an id card approved by Homeland Security or face up to five years in jail. [egregiously stolen from the ever-excellent Macintouch more inside
Vice Presidential debate. Anyone watch it? What's your take? And do you think it will affect the vote? more inside
Carl Lewis: Oh dear.
We all have moments of poor judgement in our life; why highlight yours on your website?
Furious George: how to destroy A&E? I really enjoyed the BBC miniseries about "Charles II: the power and the passion", called "The Last King" (inaccurate title) in North America, and so when I saw the DVD at my local store, I got it (hey, when you feel like an Exclusion Crisis, you need an Exclusion Crisis). Only when I got home, I realised that the number of minutes sounded low. more inside
Kinsey a perv? Saw this over at That Other Place and knew it would make its way here sooner or later. So, sooner. more inside
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