October 06, 2004

e-petitions Is anyone else's inbox being bombarded with e-petitions like this? I get them all the time and wonder if they ever accomplish anything. Furthermore, when they ask you to send every 10th signature to president@whitehouse.gov, who actually reads it?
Clueless They're at it is again. First it was the Olympics, now it is a new, unheard of search engine. more inside
Dog of the Day! Bookmark it. Enjoy life each day for at least 30 seconds.
We've all heard of Watson and Crick. Who knew about this guy? DNA pioneer Maurice Wilkins died yesterday at the age of 88. One of three Nobel laureates for his work in helping discover the helical structure of DNA, Wilkins is probably the least known of the four people who were most responsible for describing DNA as we know it. more inside
The 'smoking louse'. A study at the University of Utah shows that only one of the two lice species on current Homo Sapiens evolved on us. This proves contact with earlier human species - perhaps Homo Erectus. more inside
Show us your papers. Yet another national ID proposal, but it looks like this one has wings. Employers would be required to check for an id card approved by Homeland Security or face up to five years in jail. [egregiously stolen from the ever-excellent Macintouch more inside
Vice Presidential debate. Anyone watch it? What's your take? And do you think it will affect the vote? more inside
Carl Lewis: Oh dear.
We all have moments of poor judgement in our life; why highlight yours on your website?
Furious George: how to destroy A&E? I really enjoyed the BBC miniseries about "Charles II: the power and the passion", called "The Last King" (inaccurate title) in North America, and so when I saw the DVD at my local store, I got it (hey, when you feel like an Exclusion Crisis, you need an Exclusion Crisis). Only when I got home, I realised that the number of minutes sounded low. more inside
Kinsey a perv? Saw this over at That Other Place and knew it would make its way here sooner or later. So, sooner. more inside
Rodney Dangerfield. Goodnight, funny man.
Is Bush using an earpiece? (via boing boing). And I'll take this one step further... more inside

October 05, 2004

Grossed Out George Sorry, this is my second post of the day, but something really strange just happened to me. I had just pulled some laundry out of my dryer and put in in a pile on my living room carpet. After about a half an hour I came back and was in the process of folding it when underneath it I found small white worms, more or less the size of fly maggots. I had had my carpet recently cleaned, and it is only a year old, but I do live in an old apartment building in Hollywod from the 1920. It has a crawl space underneath the wooden floors. I haven't smelled anything rank, but could these little creatures be coming up from something festering below? Could they be termite larva? The building has had termite infestations before, but I never knew of termite larva erupting from carpet. Sorry if this is run on and rambling, but it really creeped me out. No jokes about my underwear please. And yes Nostrildamus, I had socks in my laundry.
Christ washed up via Gullibility isn't in the dictionary
William Shatner: Has Been (WARNING: web site plays sound) A new album by William Shatner? Easy to take pot shots, but I enjoyed what I heard here. more inside
Curious George: Shatner Priceline.com ads. What happened to those old William Shatner ads (We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, etc)? Priceline.com yanked them from their website and only has the new ones. The old ads were weirder and goofier. Can they be downloaded anymore?
Fontanaverse Using crossovers and sly references, Tom Fontana has connected his own and more than 100 other TV shows, past and present. more inside
My Miserable Life.com - Schadenfreude Gold. (Link is SFW, outgoing links at the bottom of the page are not) Examples inside more inside
Curious, George: Need some swing-voter help I'm looking for a webpage I can show several swing-voter friends that has a simple comparison of the two presidential candidates. more inside
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