April 07, 2005

Captain Cook's Endeavor Journal Online Digitised scans of 700 pages of the journal of the H.M.S. Endeavour, 1768-1771. Written by Captain James Cook. There's no transcript, so far as I can tell, and the thing is difficult to read in places, but, well, voom.
What with the Pope dead you might be cast adrift in a sea of Catholic angst. To whom do you pray about your syphilis? Luckily, there's patron saint for that (three,actually). more inside
Meet the Honey Badger. Also known as the ratel, this handsome beast is one tough mother. Besides digging into bee hives for their honey, they also fight leopards and eat scorpions. I love 'em.
Standard tap in phila This sunday at 5pm. Not to be missed!
Curious George: Theatrical Shorts I have been charged with the task of being a student director of a short play; the problem, well, I am at a loss as far as to which play. more inside
Curious, George: What do you wear to a rave? Especially, what should a 13 year old boy wear to a school sponsored (granted, super cool hippie school) all night dance party "rave"? more inside
Asheville NC Mofi Hodown Reminder! If you're in or near this audaciously beautiful spot on the map this Friday at 5ish, you ought to remember to swagger on over to the Flying Frog Cafe for real-time commenting and live chat with real humans. more inside
Curious George: Mac Help My Mac at work is running slow. If it were a PC, I'd defrag it. What maintainence (sp?) should I perform to keep my Dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 running smoothly?

April 06, 2005

The Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club No one expects the Spanish Inquisition Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith t-shirts. Top ex-papal aide and noted mastermind of currant Vatican thought Cardinal Ratzinger has a posse with official merchandise. The best motto: "Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981".
Finally! Your one-stop elk shop for elk meat gift boxes as well as elk antler kaleidoscopes and elk antler money clips. Thank God.
<b>Curious George: Finding An Artist</b> Presently attempting two projects that need artists (or drawerers, if you will) but having a dickens of a time finding some. more inside
What is it with these oddly disturbing new Burger King adverts? There's the one linked above, and the one with the dog. I don't know what it is but these adverts frighten me in a kind of primal, childhood-nightmare fashion. more inside
The emotional final scene from Seven. Performed by stuffed animals. more inside
Partenia is a small, deserted region of Algeria. Ten years ago, Jacques Gaillot, the Bishop of Evreux, was summoned to the Vatican and told that as a result of his progressive political activities, he was to be transferred to the diocese of Partenia: a kind of euphemism for being sacked. Undaunted, the Bishop extended his diocese into cyberspace in the form of a multi-lingual web-site, where it recently celebrated its first ten years. Includes the history of Partenia.
When bad things get worse. Botched executions.
A Yak Thread Yaks are very interesting animals, they are a woolly form of wild ox or something, and appear to wear very large brown shag pile rugs. more inside
Curious George: Who wants my child? I'm using up my infinite Curious George quota lately: my dear son drew on our concrete driveway with permanent marker today. Any idea how to get it off, shy of waterblasting? It's one of those coloured-concrete dealies and I think waterblasting it would probably be bad.
We are going to play at least one game. If drinking, you have rolled a six. more inside
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