April 05, 2005

In Russia the government bans VoIP telephony In some countries state operators compete cheap services providers using lobby, pulling strings in the government... And the comsumers have to pay more.
Open Source Web Design Why in hell did I spend 12 hours fucking around in Dreamweaver arguing with CSS to come up with a decent web page design for my blog, when I could have pinched one of these & then tweaked it? Why am I so stupid? Why am I asking you?
Curious George: Firefox + IMBd = poo. Everytime I go on IMBd using Firefox it freezes. Is it just me? *sniff*
Curious George: Mortgages Sad but true, I have a question about boring grownup stuff. Our mortgage has been on a two-year fixed term at around 6.25% and that term is due to expire in June. The current rate our bank is offering, right at this minute, is almost too good to resist (7.5%) because we know rates are going to increase. Should we switch to a new fixed term now and pay the extra interest for a couple of months, or wait and risk getting an even higher rate we're stuck with for two years?
Curious, George: Wirelessly connecting a Mac and PC Help my PowerBook and ThinkPad to become friends. more inside
The ultimate self link... more inside

April 04, 2005

Curious George - Driving Me Crazy
I'm interested in a career where driving is key although I am not particularly interested in driving semis. I'm looking for something that will take m cross-country lots and lots. I've heard of testing mapping services and gps'but can find no info on jobs like that. Any ideas you beautiful simians?
Breastfeeding games. "The following games practise fun concepts about left and right and colors, suitable for small children. And with their beautiful happy images of breastfeeding babies, they also present more natural images of babies than what they may see in mainstream media or products." Don't miss the narration: "Put the baby on the RIGHT side." Heh.
Pregnancy, the game. I guess you'd call it a sex simulation, but it's way different than I remember it.
Objective: 4 Kidz. Cuddly, Zealous Religiosity 4 Kidz! How much can you eat? more inside
"Holga", "Diana", "Dories", "Debonair", "Lubitel", "Banner" "Snappy" and "Yunon". They're cheap, maddening, fascinating plastic pieces of crap. Many people hate them, they think they're junk, worthless, a waste of time. But we love them. We can't stop talking about them. We just can't shut up at all.
Ifilm's best short films of 2004. I know I've posted at least one earlier (Fast Times at Hero High - I still chuckle), but here is a whole collection of short films to enjoy.
Prog Apparently progressive rock is back. Wasn't it bad enough the first time around? Put on your purple velour cape and thigh-boots and tell me about it.
Curious George - Exporting and Importing into Gmail Hola Monos, A friend of mine is finally getting off aol and onto gmail. She wants to export her contacts/address book from aol into a file that can be imported into gmail. AO-Hell will only export as a ldif file and gmail will only import from a cvs file. Any suggestions? And on a related note, I would love to export my contact info from my gmail account so's I can have it for my other email accounts. Has anyone figured out a way to do that yet?
Zira is hot. This site is way better than Suicide Girls. These are actual punk rock chicks/Bettie Page wanna be's in pin-up style poses. Includes classic punk babes like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, and Zira from Planet of the Apes.
Sheep Dash. How fast are your reactions? Sunday evening Flash fun. Via (appropriately enough) AlbinoBlackSheep. more inside
Superman is a Dick. Back when Lois Lane & Jimmy Olsen had their own titles, Superman did some really nasty stuff to his so called "girlfriend" and "best pal". Check out some really bizarre covers. All real. Really.

April 03, 2005

African Clawed Frogs are really cool. I lurve frogs. I dig them. I have an African Clawed Frog that kicks my motherluvin' ass. He broke my face. I call him Samuel L. Jackson. I think that the human race should be kinder to frogs.
Curious George: There are two kinds of people A friend of mine remarked today that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who mourn the pope and those who mourn the time before 24hr news networks. So, I wondered, What groups are we arbitrarily dividing the world into today? more inside
The Heysel disaster. There has been no spectacle in the history of televised sport as compelling and atrocious as the night of 29 May 1985, when 39 Italians were killed on the terraces of the Heysel stadium, Brussels, in the murderous prelude to a European Cup final. On Tuesday, Liverpool and Juventus meet again for the first time since. more inside
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