November 06, 2007

Sun Aura Resort (NSFW) - now with chat room goodness.

November 05, 2007

The Bodybuilder and I. A documentary filmmaker reunites with his estranged father through the world of competitive geriatric bodybuilding. more inside

November 03, 2007

Feuer Frei SWF is LOLWAR!
Somewhere, inside the Brainbow... Researchers create colorful "Brainbow" images of the nervous system.
An antibiotic primarily used to treat pinkeye in humans rids frogs of the lethal fungal disease Chytridiomycosis that is wiping out amphibian populations around the world, a team of New Zealand scientists reports.

November 02, 2007

The War of the Words: The Story of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. more inside
Flooding traps 300,000 in Mexico. NewsFilter.
The British Empire welcomes you! King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia makes a state visit to Britain to meet the Queen, and is greeted with due pomp and circumstance. (YouTube)
New Zealand: Hotbed of Terrorism If you think that New Zealand is just a giant movie set overrun with a lot of sheep- think again! more inside

November 01, 2007

Google Earth flight simulator. Looks like an awful lot of readin' and remembrin'.
The Superest A website with an online game of "My Team, Your Team." more inside

October 31, 2007

How does this work?
Mashable , a blog famous (infamous?) for its long link-lists of resources for webmasters and blogheads (50 Widgets for Your Blog, 230 Tools for Running a Business Online, 400 Resources To Make You Smarter, Faster & a Demon in the Sack, Top 10 Blog Awards) has made up a surprisingly unnumbered list of Top Places To Get Free and Legal Music that includes (OMIGAWD!!!) the "MonkeyFilter MP3 Blog Listing (and shrine to MoFi's Own forksclovetofu)". more inside
NEANDERTHALS. So that explains it! Us Neanderthals are alive and well and glowing in the dark.
Black Confederate marching for "heritage." It’s a sight that elicits a second glance, maybe a third. A black man marching along the S.C. 28 toward Walhalla dressed in Confederate butternut, carrying a Confederate battle flag...“This flag has nothing to do with hate,” Mr. Edgerton said of the starred red, white and blue St. Andrew’s Cross battle flag he carried. “It’s the flag of Southern heritage, black and white"...“I wish I could report that after five years all my suffering had been vindicated,” Mr. Edgerton said. “But it hasn’t. Not when you have organizations like NASCAR that have banned our flag.”
Exmortis is a Flash game with some excellent atmosphere. The opening premise is rather familiar in games of this type - you wake up in the woods with a lump on your head, no memory, and a creepy old house ahead of you. Turn the lights down, the sound up, and get ready for a decently spooky atmosphere as you explore the mysteries of the abandoned building. The sequel is a good followup to Exmortis. Though the game can stand alone, it really picks up where the first one left off, as you deal with the aftermath of events in Exmortis. Squeamish be warned: graphic content and profanity to be found in the Exmortis games. more inside

October 30, 2007

Photo Gallery: 25 Most Endangered Primates Named.
Waitless - time saving tidbits Some cute and interesting ways to save time. A few are scientifically interesting (quick sorbet) others just fun to try, (parking). Thank you BBSpot.
Glass work (Flash)inspired by that of ancient Rome is on display at the Getty. You can actually buy real Roman glass here. more inside
bsimple is the gallery of conceptual photographer Misha Gordin (some images NSFW). Gordin's work often makes abstractions out of the human form, sometimes photographing multiple models together to create intricate patterns. Some images hint at the darker side of life, such as conformity and isolation even within a crowd. more inside
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