June 17, 2004

EXPO 2005 is being hosted by Aichi (Japan). EXPO 2000 was in Hannover, which I personally attended and simply adored. The irregularly-held World Exposition, run by the BIE, is like a cultural Olympics, and is always worth a visit.
Show and Tell Music
Ole! This too is old, but it never fails to make me laugh (.wmv, NSFW.)
Ok, this is old as hell and you all have probably already seen it. But I just stumbled across it, and my searches on both Mofi and Mefi turned up nothing. So here it is. And I want one real bad.
Mondegreens! AKA Music Ear Disturbances, disclexia, chronic lyricosis, and Litellas. more inside
Jesus In My Jeans Genes
"I Am Christ and The Messiah and The Great I Am. I Am The One. I Am Jesus Christ. I Am The Son of David and the Son of Man and Root of David. I Am The Judge. I Am the Source of David. I Am Jesus Christ in the Genes."
You are batshit crazy.
A new low. And, it doesn't require dollar bills or taking eyes off the TV to get your favorite beverage Not to be all Pepsi Blue-ish, but I saw a commercial for this and could not believe it. more inside
On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.
The Infinite Art of Kerry Mitchell and Janet Parke. more inside
PEEFILTER. ...and other obscure patents. more inside

June 16, 2004

Curious George - REVENGE!! This question occured to me when I posted to the cat pee Curious George below. It was kind of a poetic revenge. So Monkey's, tell us of your best revenge stories...
Dave Winer Shut Down 3,000 Bloggers Without Warning more inside
critter-repellant. I was going to post this a month or so ago, when I first bought my jar of powdered fox urine, but forgot all about it until today. I wonder what reminded me... How do you suppose Brooklyn squirrels know what fox pee smells like, and that they should keep clear? more inside
There were supposed to be ten planes? There, some newsfilter. Just stop talking about urine for five seconds and focus on terrorists. Feel free to take the piss if you must, but not like that.
Urinal dot net: Because every urinal has a story. more inside
Restroom Ratings: "A special spot on the web for public bathroom reviews." All this, and postcards too!
Noddy (just to go with the flow of the day) has been voted the most popular children's TV programme in France. See, the French are very open to Anglo-Saxon culture really. Just leave the SUV behind.
I am well aware this is my second FPP today. And I am well aware that it has nothing to do with pee. And I am well aware this is via Presurfer. But you guys HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. This little video is one of the funniest things I have ever, ever seen on the Internet. That said, possibly/probably NSFW (silly male nudity).
Calling All Bed Wetters! Helpful Hints, Resources and Support Group Info From The Man You Love To Hate. more inside
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