November 03, 2007

Feuer Frei SWF is LOLWAR!
  • No, no! I watched it, and thought it was a great example of ASCI art, and pretty funny. Then, I told my daughter to watch it, and she also thought it was very good. What else is there to day?
  • 'SAY".
  • War is LOL?
  • Actual war is DO NOT WANT but this SWF war is LOL.
  • This has been around forever, cant beleive it hasn't been posted here. I love this movie.
  • Why for the love of Dog didn't you post it, Vertex???
  • His Slobberiness did not inspire such a move on my part. Relly, I just figured everyone knew about it. Like end of the world, it's been on albino black sheep and around the web for years. =P
  • I'm tired of self congradulatory internet stuff. Can we get over ourselves? Or is the net ultimately a tool of nostalgia?
  • Er, no... and uh, yes.
  • Who died and made Squid ranger?
  • moderator, I mean.
  • *lobs a TTYLnuke at squidranch*
  • Don't let Squid be moderator, and don't let 'em take over the world!
  • Why do people spend so much time learning to do something that will never get them laid? And does that music exist for any reason other than to assure kids that their parents won't be listening to the same things they do?
  • No one's moderator. I'm just commenting like the rest of you. I just happen to be a pain in the ass.
  • So are you a ranger?