January 24, 2005

Honey Amber Rose "It is our Mission to Reinvent the Image of Beer and fund the wonderful cause of Womens Entrepreneurial Dreams."
The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. An in depth analysis on the failure of Evangelical Christians to live up to their religion. On everything from charitable giving, sexual relations, divorce, extramarital sex, pornography, racism and materialism, both the standard Christian and the Evangelical Christian differ very little from the "unsaved". From Christianity Today found via Linkfilter. more inside
The Raiding the 20th Century Expansion! Last year, DJ Food/Strictly Kev released the awesome Raiding the 20th Century mashup (previously discussed here). A year later, he has released an expanded version. Collaborating with Paul Morely, author of the book Words and Music, the goal was to "make the definitive document on cut up music." Seems to me they succeeded. more inside
Carbon monoxide poisioning I need some advice and assistance. While in my basement this evening, I discovered a ventilation pipe coming out of my heater was completely disconnected. I called both the landlord and the gas company and they both came and BOTH stated that it was carbon monoxide coming into our basement. more inside

January 23, 2005

Flash: Prince of Persia. I haven't played much of it yet, but it looks like UbiSoft has made the entire classic game available online in Flash format. Praise be to Jordan Mechner!
Cake decorating of yesteryear
Stuporous George can't remember... I seem to have a memory problem more often then I used to - but I don't really have anything to compare it to, so this is where monkeys come in... more inside
Cryptome Eyeball Series - pictures of hypocrisy & reality. Be warned, although most of these look benign, I cannot say that some of them might not be graphic. However, I can say that this next selection IS graphic, so don't look at it at all if you are squeamish: The Face of War, pix taken in order to identify the dead of Fallujah in November 2004. Be warned, these corpses would make Romero gag, but we must see what war will wreak. More: Dahr Jamail on Devastated Iraq. The Tsunami of Iraq. To defeat war, we must see the evil that it has wrought. To fight evil, we must know the face of evil. more inside
Good Bye Johnny Late night fixture Johnny Carson has died at the age of 79 at his home in California. I remember as a child, the thrill of being allowed to stay up late to watch Johnny, and I will always remember his final show with Bette Midler... I'm sure all of us USAians and others who got the feed of the Tonight Show internationally will feel his loss as much as I do. Few people on television have become a part of people's lives the way he did.
Onelook This has been in the threads, but never featured as an FPP. It is, however, the best of the web. Somniloquy: 12 dictionaries. Subterfuge: 18 dictionaries. Wager: 20 dictionaries. Conspiracy: 29 dictionaries. Jester: 19 dictionaries. more inside
Songs from Juliana Hatfield's music vault. Having released In Exile Deo last year, Juliana Hatfield is now sharing songs that didn't fit on any of her albums. She explains in a letter that she'd rather freely share these songs than let them sit around "gathering dust." Those who download the songs can opt to make a PayPal donation. I've always thought this could be a viable business model for some artists -- distribute your work freely and get fans to give you donations. I think most people would love to support their favorite artists in this way. more inside
The Teenage Roblog! Even if you don't like the new Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot you may find this blog by a few of the creators interesting. The blog's made up of fan based stuff like exclusive art, official drawing tips, and pervy fanart, but the blog also has more general points of interest such as a subtle sense of dealing with higher ups, info about production, and an impression of the psychology of artists working for a major network. (via: Cartoon Brew)
A Riverside, Calif. neurologist lost a patient to CJD last year and thinks something is fishy at NPDPSC, the US prion watchdog agency. Allegedly the agency ruled out mad cow based on a test not acceptable to neuropathology experts. Now they've "lost" the brain sample and aren't talking to reporters. Now six cows from an infected Canadian herd have disappeared in the U.S. beef supply without a trace. The USDA doesn't seem to be talking to reporters, either.
Cross-breed animals. Love child. Never meant to be. But still really cool.
World War One Autochromes
This song will literally make you want to die. Literally. It was played by NYC station Hot 97 until they pulled it. Sit back and enjoy the warbling vocal meanderings of two idiots singing crude, offensive lyrics about the tsunami.
An Adventure is You!
Christopher X Brodeur a "professional pain in the ass," is about to announce his mayoral candidacy. He's got 100 ideas ranging from free subways to repopularizing murphy beds... and he just got himself arrested for harrassing the mayor's office. Via Gawker. more inside
Calling all monkeys: Come help us break in our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel, #mofirc, tomorrow (or today technically - January 23.) more inside
Curious George: Party Planning. So my roommate and I are planning on hosting a party. The question is, how many people do we invite? more inside
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