November 08, 2007

Your PIN Number Revealed! OMFG!

What does the N in PIN stand for, again?

  • Can't we be safe if we get out of this by using the diagonal argument or something?
  • Not if you've got a PIN longer than 4 digits! HA-ha!
  • THey've got my gym lock combination on there, too!!!!!
  • This is handy if I forget it....
  • I cant remember the actual number of my PIN, I just know the pattern I type into the pad...
  • My account's protection is that there's nothing in it.
  • Yeah my friend had that protection too but then he found out that someone copied his card and took 6000 off of it. Yay sketchy hotels in Montreal!
  • If he had nothing in his account, then how did they get 6000?
  • I keep my money in a sock in the cupboard under the bathroom sink. Well, I did but now I'll have to move it since you bastards know where it is.
  • GAH! They got the last four digits of my phone number, too. YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS! (Feel free to pay for it with my credit card, which numbers I note you've also revealed.) On the other hand, things aren't so bad -- next weeks lottery numbers are listed there for easy reference. Handy, that.
  • i saw my PIN in there, but the numbers were in the wrong order. i hope they don't figure it out...
  • What does the N in PIN stand for, again? Niggling? I dunno.
  • Brought to you by the Department of Redundancies Department.
  • You have to enter your PIN number in the ATM machine to receive your cash money withdrawal.
  • I always put my Personal Identification PIN Number into the Automated Telling ATM Machine.
  • Okay, Lara, I'm going to start calling it my PI number. Concidentally, it's 3141, so that works out well. Whoops! Time to change! Wonder if the golden ratio is still available...
  • Call it your PIN, dammit!
  • Not only do they have my PIN#, but they have my birthday year. OH NOES!!
  • No surprise that a Godless "freethinker" would be behind a despicable ploy like this!
  • N is for Noogie patrol.
  • That makes it a PINP! Which I kinda like.
  • It's hard out there for a PINP.
  • Don't look up your Personal identification PIN Number code on this page! They have an eyeball-tracker embedded javascript that SEES what you look at! AAAA!!
  • "If he had nothing in his account, then how did they get 6000?" Overdrawn account. According to the investigator there are machines in Montreal that look like ATMs that just copy your card and takes your PIN. The hotel that we stayed in is under investigation. This is a lesson not to stay in sketchy hotels in a foreign cities even if you are just there to celebrate being 18 and able to get drunk.