May 29, 2006

The fifty best places to drink beer in America

May 27, 2006

American police torturing suspected drug user...listen to the tape! When Tennessee law enforcement officials showed up at the home of Lester Siler, who they suspected of drug use, they asked Lester's wife and son to leave. They didn't know that Lester's wife had turned on a tape recorder in the kitchen...
Indonesian quake toll passes 3,000 And surely will go higher. My thoughts and prayers to all of my friends there...
Bits o' lives o' others: So yeah, I'm a sucker for decent photography, but I'm no expert. However, some nifty slide shows [flash] are too neat to pull away from, and I'm always interested in pics of geologic stuff like the Giant's Causeway (how else do giants get around?). But this, my friends, is the best photo series you'll see all day: Pug Still Life Series (created by my pal Dave, who works at my favorite kitsch shop, Archie McPhee).
Festevil! An international noise festival--make some noise wherever you are at 6:06 pm local time on June 6th! "send in your noise!! - 06/06/06 only happens once every 100 years! - make the most of it! - think of your noise as both contributing to and vanquishing evil, simultaneously!" more inside
Hey, Good-lookin', What Ye Got Cookin'?
Rematch - of possibly the most famous wine tasting ever. It's 30 years on (give or take a few days), so who aged better? more inside
So tacky and yet so cool. Monkeys UNTIE!! Help Trac get those anon links off the sidebar. Post till you drop. This is a post about happy things. A post about nifty things. A post about the greatest lawn ornament ever invented. This has history, people. This has controversy. We owe it all to this man.

May 26, 2006

Smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot... A new study finds, to it's and everyone else's surprise, that even heavy use of marijuana does not increase the incidence of lung cancer-- in fact, it may be somewhat preventative. more inside
Curious George: Stuck Laptop CD drawer! Help! I've borrowed a laptop from work and now the CD / disc draw won't open! more inside
Ten years of Calvin and Hobbes strips are available to view. There is also the Searchable database of C&H strips. more inside
Desmond Dekker drops dead at 65 Reggae legend Desmond Dekker has died suddenly from a heart attack, his manager has announced. RIP Israelite man
Here be Draculs. Want a use for that old huntin bow hangin round the place? This'll be the dream holiday. Anyone qualify?
Yep, birds. You know, real birds, not that kind of bird, you filthy monkey! (more after the jump) more inside
Quotations about the Internet
The net's a cross between an elephant and a white elephant sale: it never forgets, and it's always crap.
My Little Soundbombs
Infinite Zoom -- the coolest thing you'll see today. (Flash v10.1 req.)

May 25, 2006

The male obsession with size appears to be universal. And while we're at it, the lengths some humans will go to find the shed sexual ornaments of elk. more inside
Ghosts & Goolies. For a kick in the goolies, who ya gonna call? This lot? Collingwood should get stuffed. Or ya could try: This. Ya never know with a Collingwood. Prolly all that pigeon crap on it's bonce, Coulda caused a pan-universal incident.
Curious George: not geeky enough. Help with JavaScript? more inside
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