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May 29, 2006

The fantastic illustrations of Frank R Paul more inside
Rob Newman's History of Oil This 45 minute google video (some language NSFW) just blew my mind. via Metafilter.
Welcome to the Spock Casa - getting wired up at the coffee shop, down with kareoke, or just relaxing with James at the pool. (The above are YouTube links) more inside
Peruse or perish. With somewhat bemused interest, one has been absorbing opinion, garnished with a variety of perceptions and intelligent observation, the comments generated from the post of ActuallySettle. Thus one has been inspired to embark upon a quest for elucidation upon a subject one might venture to describe, mayhap, as one of miriad perceptions upon what constitutes an and/or descriptor of tribal social mores; mores one might say, which have evolved to become almost an entity separate to the desire of that initial drive toward a social structure. A social structure which evolved to ensure, individually and collectively, a sense of safety within such an agreed unity with one's fellows. To one's somewhat wry amusement, one discovered this site and link within; Aussie words
The fifty best places to drink beer in America