June 08, 2005

Turbulence. Probably not how to behave on an aeroplane.
Think marshmallows are just for hot cocoa, campfire roasting, and making s'mores? Nope. The Marshmallow Fun Co., self-proclaimed "leading producer of marshmallow-related toy products," is offering a new line of edible entertainment with its Marshmallow Shooter.
A murder suspect was allowed to enter the U.S. from Canada after being questioned by customs agents about the homemade sword, hatchet, brass knuckles, and chain saw (that apparently appeared to be stained with blood) he was carrying. His picture is worth it alone more inside
Too gay to drive? Italian cops say no; Italian courts say yes.

June 07, 2005

artpad (flash drawing thing) more inside
Curious George: Back-ups. What is the best way to back-up the files on my iBook? more inside
The Moon Occults Antares [QuickTime]
Old Advertisements

There's lots here including: beer, cars, swimming costumes, medicines,grocery items, toiletries, motorcycles and other stuff &c.
yes, they're for sale. no, I have no interest.
Flores guilty, sentenced to life Hold on to you morality meter, this is gonna be a bumpy one. more inside
Breaking News From the World of Science!! Some smart dolphins use sea sponges for foraging. Really smart ones use sea shopping baskets. via robot wisdom
All classed up and nowhere to go. An acerbic analysis of the New York Times's recent series on class. more inside
Parental George I have a friend who is recently divorced. She has a three year old girl. Her ex has visitation rights and picks up the kid twice a week. When the kid is with him she can do whatever she wants. He has no rules for her and lets her eat, do and say anything she wants to. The problem is is when the kid gets returned to my friend it's been a nightmare to get her to behave. It's been getting worse every week. The mother ends up looking like the bad guy by saying "no" to the child. The father won't listen to anything my friend has to say. I've never had kids. I have no ideas on this one.
Celebreating Verne in the best way. In Nantes, Verne's life and work were celebrated in a way that can only be described as delightful. Via Gizmodo.
Wanna Be Hip? "Recently, a thirteen-year old fashion confidante informed me that I MUST NOT wear tights any longer. Apparently bare legs are the only passable hosiery donned today. Who knew? And more importantly, who would tell me? Ahhhhh...the answer is...WannaBeHip.com. Now you've got the inside track. Come on, admit it, it's fun to be hip!"
Vintage Pharmaceutical Ads (@LJ; from BoingBoing)
Completing the circle It started here, went on to here, which didn't satisfy the parties involved, so it went here, quicky followed by here. To complete the circle, it was important to include our MonkeyFilter brethren in the game, so here we are. Everyone happy now?
Austin meetup: June 21, 8pm. We tried during SXSW, but now it's summer and we've got nothing better to do on a Tuesday night! more inside
Mundane SF "The undersigned, being pissed off and needing a tight girdle of discipline to restrain our SF imaginative silhouettes, are temporarily united in the following actions..." more inside

June 06, 2005

A stuffed animal a day. more inside
Monkey bone fuels British town's curious simian myth "According to popular legend, a monkey dressed in a French uniform was washed ashore at Hartlepool and tried by local magistrates on suspicion of being a French spy." See also The Hartlepool Monkey. more inside
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