June 07, 2005

Celebreating Verne in the best way. In Nantes, Verne's life and work were celebrated in a way that can only be described as delightful. Via Gizmodo.
  • Nice find patita. I had to send the links to a friend of mine who does set design for live theater. He's gonna be blown away.
  • Is this from a specific story about a girl who flies in a rocket and lands in a land of the small? If so, I want to read it! :)
  • I kept looking at the pictures and blinking... it's rare for something so bizarre and wonderful to pop up like that. It looks like there are other events planned as well, but I'm not able to read French well enough to figure out what.
  • Super ))) patita! Thanks for posting! This is simply wonderful. Makes me wish I had been in Nantes last month. Wow... What a sight for children especially.
  • Panache is a French word, non?. This looked to be much better than the Danish celebration of H. C. Andersen.
  • Absolutely magical! Thanks, patita.
  • strange and wonderful, nice find, patita
  • strange and wonderful, nice find, patita
  • Now that's what I call a tribute. Awesome find, patita! )))
  • this is wicked cool, thanks. there's also an annual jules verne film festival in paris, this year was the 13th.
  • Fine find, patita!
  • w00t! ))), patita!
  • Huge Jules Verne site, includes hundreds of illustrations.
  • This show, or something very like it, is coming to London at the weekend. I hope to see at least a bit of it.
  • You must take photographs, matey. And you must scan these photos for simian delight.
  • The rocket has arrived... Unfortunately my camera chose this moment to go on the blink, hence the very poor picture. I thought the hole in the ground would be more or less painted, with a few loose stones, but no, they actually have dug a real hole in the actual road surface (smoking gently this morning).
  • Thanks, Plegmund!
  • I wish I had time to go to London this weekend, but I don't. That's so cool.
  • Heh, the camera's trouble just makes the picture look more otherworldly!
  • You know, seeing stuff like this really makes me want to go to London right now. (But don't tell that to Sister Renault...)
  • OK, well I can't hope to match the Nantes pictures, but here (with the reserve camera) we have the elephant
    a distant view of the recining elephant with the girl's gigantic scooter in the foreground,
    and the girl herself asleep in her giant deckchair.
    Spookily the weather has suddenly become excellent, as you can see, but my need to spend at least some time in the office has prevented me from seeing some of the crucial moments. One thing that doesn't come across in photographs is the uncompromising woodenness of the elephant - its head is beautifully shaped, but the wood grain and the textures of other, leathery bits is very striking in the flesh (so to speak). They hand out a kind of daily newspaper called the 'Jules Verne'. I've tried to persuade the other members of my family that we ought to go and see the rest of this, but with no success so far.
  • Wowsers.