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June 08, 2005

I like monkeys
Curious, George: Apocalypse Back Then I don't have a link, which is why I'm getting in touch with you. I'm looking for a science-fiction novel that probably was published some time in the 1980s or 1990s, may have a woman author, and had to do with life in Topanga Canyon before and after the Bomb fell on L.A. It was neither Into the Forest nor The Gate to Women's Country, both of which are set in northern California. It contains one unforgettable scene in which surfers are surfing on the melted sands of Malibu Beach. Does this ring any bells with sci-fi-reading monkeys?
Turbulence. Probably not how to behave on an aeroplane.
Think marshmallows are just for hot cocoa, campfire roasting, and making s'mores? Nope. The Marshmallow Fun Co., self-proclaimed "leading producer of marshmallow-related toy products," is offering a new line of edible entertainment with its Marshmallow Shooter.
A murder suspect was allowed to enter the U.S. from Canada after being questioned by customs agents about the homemade sword, hatchet, brass knuckles, and chain saw (that apparently appeared to be stained with blood) he was carrying. His picture is worth it alone more inside
Too gay to drive? Italian cops say no; Italian courts say yes.