June 06, 2005

A stuffed animal a day.

From the FAQ: why are you doing this? i don't know.

  • ooh! what an odd assortment of critters! frankly, I'm just waiting to catch one of these insane blogging illnesses myself.
  • from her blog: i'm having some problems and i have to keep reminding myself that who knows what the future will bring. today i told andrew that i was "set" with the atomic bomb and ramifications thereof, but can this possibly be true? OMG SHE'S A STUFFED ANIMAL TERRORIST!
  • Wow. Crafters gone wild. Those are some very surreal - um - things.
  • she should appear on Craft Corner Deathmatch. "It's Martha Stewart Living meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." man, is it quiet here today or what? where is everybody?
  • I think it's a man, actually--or is Jacob one of those names that's been co-opted?
  • definitely a boy.
  • yes you are correct. for some reason i thought this was a young woman. a crafty young woman.
  • I guess the assumption is that someone making a new stuffie every day would be a girl--and the whole new craft thing has been very "stitch n bitch". glad to see a dude getting some sewing action!
  • No needling, please: Guys joining knitting craze I don't get the Style Network and kind of miss it, but recently at someone else's place I glimpsed CC Deathmatch during a channel flipthrough and was delighted at the idea of it.
  • I fuckin stitch like a motherfuckin' machine, yo.
  • Wonder if they'll let him have all the craft tools when he is in the psych ward??
  • Chyren: I was hoping to swallow that sip of beer, now I need paper towels. Thanks bunches.
  • This is very good. Very good indeed. Thanks Nickdanger, have a stuffed felt nanner.
  • Yum! If a little... chewy.
  • some of them are a bit too weird for me, but I love the stuffed cat both ferocious and paisley
  • A stuffed animal a day. There's a Furry joke in there somewhere, I just know it.
  • There's a Furry joke in there somewhere... forgive the pedantry, but i think you mean "plushie"?
  • I think either one is acceptable. A stuffed animal for a plushie. An animal stuffed for a furry.
  • uh... thanks nickdanger.