June 06, 2005

Monkey bone fuels British town's curious simian myth "According to popular legend, a monkey dressed in a French uniform was washed ashore at Hartlepool and tried by local magistrates on suspicion of being a French spy." See also The Hartlepool Monkey.

Hope this isn't a repost, searching didn't reveal anything.

  • Ooops, via this blog, which I found via the Bitty Browser post below.
  • I lived in North Yorkshire as a teenager and I happen to have family friends who are involved in politics in Hartlepool. Now I have something interesting to discuss with them the next time I see them. Thanks, LarryC!
  • Hartlepool is such a lovely name, I always enjoyed hearing it on the football results as a kid, just for the sound of it. And for you Yanks, it's "Hartley-pool". Cellar door. Hartlepool. Cellar door. Hartlepool.