April 02, 2005

Flash Card Exchange: The self titled largest library of printable flash cards. Everything from Spanish, and common legal terms, to Pokemon cards. more inside
Curious George...<i>Rectum!</i> ...Do you have echoes that you hear every damn time in response to particular words or phrases? To illustrate, I swear I cannot hear the word rectum without thinking damn near killed him! or Hey! without thinking hey, you, you, get offa my cloud!, and every time I hear the voice over before Law & Order SVU, where they say "...sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous", my little brain chimes in solemnly with "particularily if they involve the anus". What are yours?

April 01, 2005

Frank Perdue, the chicken man, died today. We will all miss him, I'm sure. At least, for the jokes. I remember a really funny sound clip of Frank Perdue from the early days of teh intarwebs, but now I can't find it, sigh. A strange guy, the chicken man.
Ben Stein invokes Godwin's Law- Godwin's Law, for the uninitiated, is the act of comparing people who disagree with you to Hitler and/or the Nazis, and is generally considered bad form, even on the internets (unless of course your opponents are literally participating in genocide). more inside
Gurious Ceorge My calendar tells me that lots of hilarious hijinks were supposed to happen today. The Age, for example, proclaimed Paris Hilton the new Linux evangelist (actually, I think they were suckered, which is amusing). But tell me, where is teh funnay on April Fools' Day?
Curious George: Accidental Tech Support You know how it is. Someone finds out you know what "RAM" is and the next thing you know you're 24/7 tech support for your whole department. How do you handle it? more inside
"Living Will is the Best Revenge." Rarely, a newspaper opinion piece comes along that manages to cut through all the bullshit and pierce the heart of an issue. This is one of those amazingly truthful columns.
Now I'm thirsty.
PostSecret "Over 3000 visitors to a Washington DC arts festival picked up postcards inviting them to share a secret anonymously. Before Artomatic ended in December 2004, 148 PostSecret cards, with secrets - some illustrated - were received through the mail."
And with one mighty bound the Middle East was free from war. Psy-Ops to use comic books to promote peace. more inside
Not your daddy's Superman. A collection of iconic comic book characters isn't new--unless they're all reinterpretations of the original characters done by prominent artists like Moebius, Alex Ross and Yoshitaka Amano. (French)
Fixate the green dot for a while and watch the others disappear. Actually they don't disappear. Nice visual illusion, used in neuroscientific conscioussnes research - the background motion somehow interfers with the percept of the dots. What's reality anyways?
Ceefax online - perhaps the least essential service ever created. Some genius in the Netherlands has created a searchable database of current Ceefax content. more inside
Curious Georbe -programmable tv? In the 1970s, I bought a tv (Sony) which allowed one to program the order in which cable channels showed up on the tv. It was sooo nice. Those that I've bought since didn't have that feature. Now, even on basic cable, we have more channels than I care to think about and many of those that we might like to watch are up in 400s or above. This is driving my mother, who is nearly blind, nuts, since finding Animal Planet or the Travel Channel is almost impossible for her. (They're things she can listen to and get the gist of what's going on.) But, it's almost impossible for her to find those channels since she can't really see the remore control. Is there anything out there which would make her tv viewing easier?
Somping, clapping, and hitting things with a stick. (flash)
For Monkeys who need to fling poop. Literally.
Robert Creeley died of respiratory complications yesterday. I could tell you how great his poetry is, or you can read for yourselves. first seen at metafilter.
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