February 02, 2006

Perhaps the nastiest roommate tale ever. Disgusting photographs at bottom of story. Perhaps she was competing.
DSCH So, most people know that Friday was the 250th birthday of some musical dude you might've heard of. But! Did you realise that this year also marks the 100th birthday of Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich? more inside

February 01, 2006

Animal Snuff For Kids via the usually insufferable critics at The Onion AV Club. more inside
Ultimate Timeline Collection A very highly detailed, and large collection of timelines all the way from the Big Bang up to present day.
Curious George - York Any monkeys in, around, or can travel to York? more inside
Waterfall 2006 Come to the Waterfall 2006 conference and see how a sequential development process can benefit your next project. more inside
14 Phrases Which Have Never Before Been Spoken or Written by someone who's obviously a little high.
Capitol Police arrest antiwar activist Sheehan: Invited to State of the Union address, she is removed from gallery. Also, check out Sheehan's description of what really happened here.
What all programming manuals should be like. A beginner's guide to Ruby, the shiny (and trendy) new scripting language fresh off the boat from Japan. Written by someone who's obviously a little high, which of course means the manual is not boring. He also coded this nifty interactive Ruby tutorial. more inside

January 31, 2006

On NSA Spying: A Letter to Congress Fifteen constitutional scholars and former government officials express their concerns regarding the administration's warrantless electronic surveillance program. Be warned, this is a long article. (Short version: they're against it.)
Get a monkey a day from the Daily Monkey! -- Via more inside
Chewbacca's got a blog. Is there anyone left who doesn't have a blog? I bet even your cat has a blog.
Got your suit on? don't tell me everyone here is ignoring our national holiday....
Control your banana habit with Virtual Hypnotist. Free and open source! Via FmH more inside
Does my ass look fat in these pants?
Oscar Nominations are out. Of course, they're teh suck. Feel free to discuss/criticize, in a spoiler-rich environment. more inside
As mothninja says Have at it.
The 30 Most Spoken Languages in the World I guess it shouldn't be surprising that Spanish is now the second-most common and English is down to third. Should it?
Part two of the idiotic videos feature on monkeyfilter - 8bithuffers-ns.avi. The best combination of amatuerism, inventiveness, being in the midwest, and having a true comic gift. And Ray Parker (composer of the theme from Ghostbusters).
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