June 08, 2006

Gentlemen, start your thetans Scientology is not the first religion to make its way into racing. Morgan Shepherd has competed the past few years in the No. 89 Victory in Jesus Racing Ministries car. NASCAR had to sign off on his paint scheme, and refused to let his first offering onto the track before finally agreeing to allow the message "Racing With Jesus" onto the hood of the car. And in 2004, Bobby Labonte drove the season-opening Daytona 500 in a car that advertised Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of The Christ."
World Cup Filter. Unofficial World Cup discussion thread. Spoiler-rich environment, so stay away if you've taped the games.
Baby left for dead is all grown up. A moving true tale.
US Air Raid kills Al-Zarqawi
Genpets: the only bioengineered buddies. Available in the one-year- and three-year-lifespan models.
Billy Preston Dies At 59. An an amazing musican gone.

June 07, 2006

Mentos & Diet Coke combine to make dancing waters of the first degree. Just stunning. (embedded QT video) more inside
Curious George: Cellphone City My "Mo-Bile" is on the fritz. Help me pick a new one! more inside
ascii pr0n, still almost sorta exciting after all these years. NSFW, if your boss squints a lot. (Note -- site includes obligatory ascii anime pr0n.)
Mad Jack Churchill Eccentric, but efficient, Fighting Jack Churchill brought his own special touch to everything.
Iowa! Land of mysteries! More, much more, inside! more inside
Squalor Survivors: Schadenfreude much?
Curious George: You bunt, too? I'm installing Ubuntu Linux on an old (Win98) PC. It's my first time with open source. What's good? more inside
I was Russell Crowe's publicity whore All the world's a stage, it seems, and an elite few are aware of the plot. We clueless extras are there to be deceived, abused and bullied into playing our parts, for the show that celebrates the stars must go on.
The Monkey Chow Diaries: "On June 3, 2006, I began my week of eating nothing but monkey chow: "a complete and balanced diet for the nutrition of primates, including the great apes.""

June 06, 2006

Don't. Move. Your. Eyes. Original Optical Oddlusion Offers Ocular Orgasms. Ok, so 'oddlusion' isn't a real word, sue me.
Meet your new excuse Yet again not just devaluing people with actual mental problems, but also the effects that modern society has on people, and the need to take personal responsibility, Intermittent Explosive Disorder (or road rage) has now been classified as a mental disorder, and should be showing up as a legal defense in 3... 2... 1... "People think it's bad behavior and that you just need an attitude adjustment, but what they don't know ... is that there's a biology and cognitive science to this," said Dr. Emil Coccaro, chairman of psychiatry at the University of Chicago's medical school.
Curious George: Pittsburgh I just got a job in Pittsburgh, and I'm going there either later this week or early next week to go look for a place to live. Can any monkeys offer advice? more inside
Au Revoir To Foie Gras? Next lobster, next rabbit. Myself, I believe I'm lucky to find myself on top of the food chain. I think God created rabbits and ducks for me to enjoy. And soft-shell crabs. Cruel, or just plain bad for you?
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