November 07, 2007

Battle Cries. When war comes, songwriters take up their pens.
Tesla Coil Mario Brothers Theme No speakers, just electric Mario Bros. Goodness. And if that whets your whistle, here's 600+ NES games to be played in your browser. (Intel X86 only). Cheers!
The mysterious death of Lyndon LaRouche's printer. 'The LaRouche movement has been called many things: Marxist, fascist, a political cult, a personality cult, a criminal enterprise, and, in the words of the Heritage Foundation, "one of the strangest political groups in American history." More than anything else, however, what it resembles is a vast and bizarre vanity press...One of the LaRouche movement's longest-serving loyalists was Ken Kronberg. A handsome classics scholar and drama teacher, Kronberg owned and managed PMR Printing, the outfit that has generated the idiosyncratic propaganda that sustains LaRouche's entire enterprise.'
Facebook Becomes Big Brother Seller (TinyURL, Newsfilterish) Is it me or is this just a little creepy?
Shoe gallery Customize your shoes. Here's how.

November 06, 2007

Have you got enough balls to be Pope? Hey Pappa Ratzi! Is that a hymnal under your robe, or are you just happy to see me?
Sun Aura Resort (NSFW) - now with chat room goodness.

November 05, 2007

The Bodybuilder and I. A documentary filmmaker reunites with his estranged father through the world of competitive geriatric bodybuilding. more inside

November 03, 2007

Feuer Frei SWF is LOLWAR!
Somewhere, inside the Brainbow... Researchers create colorful "Brainbow" images of the nervous system.
An antibiotic primarily used to treat pinkeye in humans rids frogs of the lethal fungal disease Chytridiomycosis that is wiping out amphibian populations around the world, a team of New Zealand scientists reports.

November 02, 2007

The War of the Words: The Story of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. more inside
Flooding traps 300,000 in Mexico. NewsFilter.
The British Empire welcomes you! King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia makes a state visit to Britain to meet the Queen, and is greeted with due pomp and circumstance. (YouTube)
New Zealand: Hotbed of Terrorism If you think that New Zealand is just a giant movie set overrun with a lot of sheep- think again! more inside

November 01, 2007

Google Earth flight simulator. Looks like an awful lot of readin' and remembrin'.
The Superest A website with an online game of "My Team, Your Team." more inside

October 31, 2007

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