July 28, 2008

Curious George and the Required Reading List. What books are you ashamed not to have read? What books are you ashamed to have indeed read? [Blatantly lifted from der blau.]
Curious George: Intelligent heterogeneous political forum? Is there a forum (in the Interwebs sense, with threaded messages) about politics featuring an intelligent user base, made up of people with varying ideologies? more inside
Cuil has opened its doors to requests today. Brought to you by former Google employee Anna Patterson. Supposedly, Cuil's search index spans 120 billion Web pages, reportedly 3 times what Google has indexed.
Everybody needs cube toys!! . . Generate your own job title. Decorate your cube. Stay motivated.
AND ARE YOU? Ethical, that is. The Times (London) has this "Moral DNA Test." Interesting.

July 27, 2008

Fire in the Big Top! . The Hartford Circus Fire Well written essay An American Circus Tragedy Great information, hideous website Who was Little Miss 1565?
Happy Birthday Monkeybashi !!! Many happy returns! Thank you again for this wonderful site, where we've made friends, had fun and generally hung loose.
Wired Magazine Looks Back at War Games, the movie that popularized computer geeks. more inside

July 26, 2008

REALLY irrelevant "The dot over the letter i is called a tittle," and why doesn't a duck's quack echo? Totally random facts that have nothing to do with anything other than it's out there!

July 25, 2008

The Curmudgeon VS. Trebek- Josh Fruhlinger, author of the wonderfully snarky and Mary Worth obsessed blog, The Comics Curmudgeon, appeared on Jeopardy this week. This is his story. more inside
Girly post ! Oh, you silly girls and your shoes more inside
Guinea pig festival in Peru. Aw, look, they've dressed their guinea pigs up as people. Now what are they doing? Oh...
Ella Enchanted: Ella Mind Control! I occasionally run across advertisements or movies whose main purpose seems to be the reinforcement or triggering of covert MK Ultra mind control programming.... "Enchanted" or "bewitched" are code words for mindcontrolled, so the movie title might as well read "Ella Mind Controlled". Just one of many photographic examples on this site of covert government and corporate wickedness. Bring your tinfoil hat! more inside
Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux ACPI? - Foxconn make motherboards, and some of these do not comply with ACPI industry specification, and will not support features such as hibernate and suspend, as well as fan control and thermal zone on a non-Windows operating system. Malice or "we decided we didn't really care about Linux about halfway through the BIOS writing process so we just left whatever we had at the time in there and called it a day," - you be the judge. more inside
Apparently the Northern Lights have been a mystery...until now Article. PS THEMIS= Time History of Events and Macroscale Interations during Substorms I love that. more inside
Are you a kitty hatin', monkey lover? Actually you can play this flash game and still love kitties. (cuz it's not real...shhhh)
Why are there still monkeys?

July 24, 2008

Curious George: Does anyone have experience turning a Sole Proprietorship into an LLC in California? more inside
Something in saliva helps heal wounds faster. And it took this long to figure this out. Because "licking his wounds" isn't a common phrase or anything. So nobody looked into it until now. Righty-O.
Hailstones Blast Man off the Shitter - oh god, poor man, all he wanted was a crap, and then he got iced up the arse by some Fortean weather. Pictures here. more inside
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