April 11, 2004

cab calloway's hepster's dictionary up to now, all my other posts have been frisking my whiskers, i''ve been busting my conk to the early bright to bring you something you can beat up the chops about. and that's the bible
Curious, George: Based on a True Story. Are there any comprehensive resources for learning the whole truth about movies based on real events? more inside
I hate music. Tanya Headon hates music so you don't have to. more inside
Ashcroft's Naked Face "Graphic" response to Ashcroft's questionable focus on the Terror of pr0n... (NSFW, depending on the size of your monitor). more inside
The Humour of George W. Bush Here's a remix (.mov link) of Dubya's recent performance at the Radio and Television Correspondent's Dinner. (MNBSFW.) more inside
“Hi! I'm from Google. I'm a Googlebot! I will not kill you.” Gave me a chuckle.
JESUS F***ING ROCKS -happy Easter Xtian monkeys.
The Loftcube Project. Drop City meets Gotham? Studio Aisslinger conceptualizes a system for impromptu urban rooftop communities and builds a prototype. more inside
Our finest hour Huzza! An American won the Battle of Britain, and his name is Tom Cruise! more inside
For Those Expecting This Summer's "Sky Captain" To Be A Hoot, Make Way For "Casshern", Japan's Answer To "Blade Runner". Take one part "Metropolis", one part "Blade Runner", one part "Triumph of the Will"; shake it all inside creator Kaz Kiriya and garnish with some fresh manga...
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space? more inside
There Are No Plain M&M's Collectors; They're ALL Nuts! Just in time for Easter, a bunch of chocolate fetishists discuss their relations with candies who pretend to talk.

April 10, 2004

Bush Loosing National Security Bush is loosing national security as an issue to run on in the election. more inside
The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon. more inside
The Hug That Never Ends Short fiction piece which seems like a build-up to some zombie scenario, but it's more disturbing than that. He's got more writing on his site, ranging from non-fiction to the most NSFW cheap porn. IMHO, none of the other pieces stand up to The Hug.
Free games! Three games that I've come across recently that you can play and download for free. You didn't want to get any work done today, did you? more inside
Pianographique Flash, slow if you're on on dialup and really fun. I found this while wandering through the links at Soundtoys.net
Heart of the Beast MayDay parade It
A mind for music.
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