June 16, 2004

How to make a Urine Sample. Recipes do vary, though. Either way... cheers, pissheads!
How to pass a urine test
Urine recipe! "The following reagents will be necessary for the preparation of normal human urine." Thank you, National Association of Biology Teachers.
Urine Therapy From toughening up the skin to curing cancer, the medical community is gushing over this ancient, yet disturbing act also known as urotherapy. So next time you flush, think about how you are flushing that tasty panacea down the drain.
Stumbled across these disturbing photos of the Gulag. They're not really great photos. I like them because I like Russian history of the Stalinist era. If that period doesn't interest you, you could probably skip it.
James Joyce's Erotic Letters to Nora Barnacle - The title speaks for itself, and, yes, if dirty words are not safe for work, then this is NSFW. In addition, herein we surprisingly have proven Elizabeth Hoffman correct in her assertion that a certain expletive can be used as a term of endearment, and we have proven it with the words of the greatest of modern writers.
Build it and they will come? Having just come back from Dubai on holiday, which I would recommend to anyone. I was amazed at the massive development work that is currently on-going. You've got The Palm, The World. Also being built is a massive theme park Dubailand, incorporating it's very own indoor ski slope. But that's not all, there's also the Jumeriah Beach Residence, Arabian Ranches and the Burj Dubai (the worlds tallest tower), to name but a few of the projects currently on the go.
The Father of Electrtonic Music in Canada
Pitchformula. more inside
Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo If wanna know the truth, I just gotta go with the flow here .... You know what they say: Monkey pee, Monkey doo. more inside
"A well-timed blast of urine is the key to winning a crayfish fight, say researchers."
When in Rome, piss on it. more inside
Pee-Mail - Yes, it's El Día De La Urina here on Monkeyfilter. Write upon the snow/ you know/ by letting go/ the yellow flow.
"How to survive creative burnout" as told by some guy who worked at Microsoft for near to a decade. Some useful advice that I already pay mild attention to. Some of this stuff works way better than "GET HIGH, MAN!"
Woman's Guide to Peeing Standing Up It appears that social conventions and conditioning has forced women to sit down while urinating. more inside
Cassini-Huygens approaches Saturn. More. [via laputan logic]
The Tao of Pee. [Via the other Sullivan.]
Roddy Lumsden's VitaminQ This man has a myriad ways with words and an amazing compilition of word lists at VitaminQ. He's a hot Scot who's a poet, a wicked punster, a man fascinated by trivia and by words and phrases that tickle the ear, and he runs one of the more delightful blogs online. Don't miss the archived stuff -- it's all juicy!
Term of Endearment Some interesting comments made by University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman. She may find c__t endearing, but I know some monkeys who beg to differ. more inside
Underneath Their Robes. Federal Judges get the gossip blog treatment. Via Vidiot
Is John Ashcroft the Worst Attorney General Ever? Paul Krugman gives a laundry list of reasons why he think he is. Atrios and Kevin Drum don't think much of him, either. They both make the observation that the press no longer believe anything he saids about terrorism and the man loves the spotlight. more inside
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