June 18, 2004

WIST - Something I came across a couple of days ago. My favourite: "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." Margaret Thatcher (b. 1925) British Prime Minister (1979-90), chemist
Cracks in the Pavement Art is placed at various urban sites in Austin and London. Find an object through the web site, which shows pictures of landmarks near the art but no pictures of the art, or you might just stumble onto a piece somewhere.
Flash tour of the Cimetière du Père Lachaise. Pictures of the cemetary. [link courtesy of some monkey. Ought to look familiar to some. more inside
Trouble with the kids, the cops or road rage? This monkey's for you!
My Pie Hole
Shamelessly lifted from Meta.
[ ..... ] There... are... no... words Wow. Wowie wow wow wow. more inside
Curioso, Jorge. I'll be heading down to the Universidade de Campinas, in Campinas, Brazil (close to São Paulo) in about two weeks, for five weeks of mathematics research; after that, I'll be staying for three days on my own in São Paulo. I come to o filtro dos macacos for suggestions. more inside
Curious George: Are you an innie or an outtie?
Draft Bruce more inside
Curious George - I'm getting married almost exactly a year from now and it occurred to me that I need to start thinking and arranging for things. Anyone with experience planning a wedding have advice? I have questions for guys and gals. more inside

June 17, 2004

Curious George: Javascript/DHTML Menu Apps Wanted: Good DHTML/Javascript menu building app. Any ideas? more inside
Curious George: Apple GarageBand questions Some questions about digital recording in general and working with MIDI controllers specifically, using Apple's program GarageBand. more inside
Honey Where You Been So Long? is one of my new favorite musicblogs. And there's a LOT of them out there these days.
Curious George: Soccer/Football? In honour of Euro2004, I'd like to find out what they call this lovely sport in other parts of the world and in other languages. more inside
Wrapped Up In Books - What level can you get to?
"Keep your hands off the jailbait": Virginia Dept of Health. They're discouraging older men from screwing around with young girls. more inside
Teleportation breakthrough made. more inside
Dead cat, dead dog, dead horse, dead Homer, dead fish, dead fly, dead aeroplane, dead tree, dead baby, dead silence. (All SFW.)
Today marks the first installation of a periodic posting titled, "SO? WHAT?" in which we request updates on past threads. Don't keep us in suspense! InfraMonkey, did you ever find a job? Ambrosia, did you find someplace warm? Boo, did the dog shut up? PF, did you meet your true love? Ambrosia, did your stalker depart? And, for a bonus 10 points: Did any monkeys solve the world
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