May 26, 2004

Fafblog interviews Dr. James Dobson. [via boingboing]
  • MonkeyFilter -- Oh no! Not Western Civilization! That's where all my friends live! Not that clever, particularly, but it made me chuckle.
  • Well, as someone who had the misfortune of spending six months driving a clunker astrovan whose radio got only a single christian station (and doing it back and forth to Colorado Springs, home of FotF), I thought it was spot on as satire -- the interviewer dribbles out contrived questions, which the Doctor always has an equally contrived answer to. The fictional dialog is really an excellent summation of Dobson's beliefs. It's childish, sure, but spot on.
  • Boo--- You've piqued my curiosity--WHY were you going back and forth to Colorado Springs? A job? A lover? Told you I was nosy, and if these questions are too personal please excuse my trespass.
  • At the time, I lived in Lakewood, but scored a nice job at Digital Equipment in the Springs. This is what my commute looked like. Seems a long way, but I got paid very nicely for just having graduated HS, so while my friends foolishly toiled for their wages near home, I struck out and started making phat lewt, yo. Later, I had enough money to get a rental there (a nice split level victorian with oversized fireplaces) for cheep. This is where the lover comes in -- a friend had a party up at CSU, where I met her room-mate. Time passes, and I infatuatedly began spending my weekends with her, travelling over 3/4th the length of the state. During the course of these affairs, I went through the van, a mercury (that wound up saving my life in a severe roll-over accident), a ford LTD and a station wagon of unremember manufacture. We're going on our tenth year together, and our seventh as a married couple.
  • Good story, boo. I too suffered the hell of the long-distance relationship (Southwest MO and Nashville) with the woman who later became my wife. And yeah, the Dobson thing was spot-on. I was originally baptized into the Southern Baptist Church, so I had a little exposure to FotF.