October 07, 2005

Curious, George: How do you think history will describe our era? Will the dominant narrative describe our era as The dawning of the Chinese Era, or America: the building of an empire, or The decline of American dominance, or The global-warming tipping point, or The war between militant Islam and the West, or The corporatization of life around the globe, or The creation of two global economic classes, or The spread of democracy, or Sowing the seeds of political revolution, or Countdown to the Singularity, or The last days leading up to the Rapture, or The human experiment is a failure, Remulac. Set a course for our home galaxy!, or something else altogether?
Afroditi’s Ring is the rediscovery of the ancient signet ring. By Afroditikrassa the groovy industrial design consultants. [via]
Nicole (as in Kidman) traverses oceans just for a shag.
Canadian Pulp Fiction, 1940 - 1952 more inside
This entry discusses the etymology and application of a selection of words that, to varying degrees, can be considered vulgar or offensive. As a necessity, this entails the use of said words, and it is strongly advised that, should you find such words distressing or inappropriate, you do not read on beyond this point.

October 06, 2005

Bush: God told me to go invade Iraq. I pass this link on without comment.
The Rum and Monkey 3rd Grade Name Generator. Outside of the awesome domain name, this is one of a berzillion funny name generators, but if you don't like it you're just Lieutenant Penis B. Dweeberson!
Curious, George: Desktop Publishing Software Where can I find free Desktop Publishing software suitable for making cheap posters and flyers for events on a Windows XP computer? more inside
The British Council's art collection is now online (or at least, its database featuring images of most of the works). Here's a monkey. The Council runs hundreds of cultural projects all over the world.
Jackson Does Halo. The LOTR director has agreed to take on the film version of the popular game. more inside
Never eat anything bigger than your head Python: 0, Gator:0.

October 05, 2005

Tommy and Katie are expecting a baby. I'm expecting to be horrified. Yes, we here at MonkeyFilter normally discuss the loftier aspects of life, but we're always open for some good ol' Tommy-bashing. Gentlemen, start your slander..! more inside
Care Bear Stare! We Monkeys could invent better catch phrases with our tails behind our backs! I know, of course, that you can't 'make' a catch phrase, but silliness must prevail in the face of logic. Propose three, and, if desired, how and when one might say them. more inside
The threat -- avian flu. The Bush response. Reaction to the Bush response.
Baby sloths. Lily the biter, Mogli and Mogwai, Nemo, and more. [via] more inside
The Mad Revisionist A "series of essays dedicated to the manufacturing of truth through the discarding of evidence." Sample articles: The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax and The Parthenon: A Post-Hellenistic Fabrication.
Another Gospel This month, a book (.pdf) comes out, which will expose who really wrote Shakespeare's plays. Not everyone trusts the scholarship the book is based on, however.
Curious George movie coming He looks a little weird, and Yellow Hat looks like Inspector Gadget... we'll see.
Shark-Be-Gone In light of all this ocean hysteria among Monkeys - the shark attacks, self-impaling-and-impregnating giant squid, and now the gooey glowy things - here's some better news. Though it won't save you from giant balls of snot or an amorous Arcteuthis, it could make a shark think twice about bugging you in the water. more inside
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