January 30, 2006

Flying dawgs. Not to be confused with this. Airborne cats. A radio controlled flying cat! Nasty Google cat video deliberately not linked.
another annoying reason to cut down on the booze...what a bummer.
The British Amusement Park (with daily Alligator feeding and other Great British fun) more inside
Plagiarists A long list, unfortunately.
A short comercial from a cross fader manufacturer. (.mov) more inside
The strange secrets of humor, fear and a guy who makes big money making little people laugh A very interesting article from the Washington Post that is well worth the read. From that unmentionable place. more inside
Thanks to the magic of google videos, we can now watch this video created for a spanish class by RISD students.
Just in time for the Olympics Live online courses, taught by experienced archaeologists, allow learners to explore the Greek and Roman world from a new perspective.
The Ultimate Test Of a 80's Toyta Pickup. These guys light the truck on fire, drop objects on it, blow up a building with the truck on it, drown it in the ocean, and smash it with a wrecking ball. Amazingly the truck still works. (Embedded video, sound not required, but suggested SFW)
TV theme songs! Advertising jingles! Classic TV ads! More TV-related shit! more inside

January 29, 2006

Hard Drinkin' Lincoln "Abraham Lincoln: statesman, leader, beloved President - and America's favorite boozehound! "Hard-Drinkin' Lincoln" shows us the real Honest Abe: a loud, lewd, obnoxious guy in a big hat -- the kind of guy you sit behind in the theater and just want to shoot. So come knock one back with The Great Emancipator!" Spectacularly tasteless and funny flash cartoons.
Gung Hay Fat Choy! Yippee! It's the Year of the Dog! Our police force started a Lion Dance team, and debuted at our Chinese New Year parade today, and our mayor handed out loads of red envelopes. more inside
Curious, George: Help me find two short bizarre cartoons! more inside
Curious, George As a sled enthusiast, I've had a long dormant interest in the "Skeleton" event in the Olympics that has been featured in 1928, 1948 and 2002 Winter Olympics (and scheduled for the upcoming Olympics). more inside
Iran and the bomb - how long? "When some moron like Charles Krauthammer claims Iran is now just “months” away from a bomb, you can pretty much ignore him: He has no idea what he is talking about." Part one of three. more inside

January 28, 2006

Singer of Songs John D. Bennett was raised in a family that loves singing. Now he's decided to share his love with the world, with the magic of MIDI backing him up. (You will need quicktime and popups enabled, or you can just download the mp3's.) more inside
Want to know why Republicans believe what they believe? Paul Gilmartin plays a Republican from Ohio taking questions from dirty liberals. Good times. Quicktime required.
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