January 28, 2006

Want to know why Republicans believe what they believe? Paul Gilmartin plays a Republican from Ohio taking questions from dirty liberals. Good times. Quicktime required.
Kerry to filibuster Alito. I got a spam about signing the petition, and promptly deleted it. Then I saw that CNN has confirmed it. They also give the phone number to the DNC (202-863-8000). Wait, Democrats growing balls? That goes against everything I've been taught... via Crooks and Liars
Last annoying year-end list. I promise.
Hi, uh, I'm Ernie, and I've... I've got a problem. HI ERNIE! From Pearls Before Swine. more inside
Scandal At Facebook And Myspace? -- Bloggers examine social networks, and much of the evidence seems to point at Myspace and Facebook adware and spyware. Newsfilterish, but these sites affect many people.

January 27, 2006

Curious George: Slave to the cell phone. I just got raped by our cell phone overlords. Any monkeys ever have any luck contesting bills and would care to share tips, tricks or stories? more inside
The Microbial Rosetta Stone Database An interesting visualization of the range of things that can make you sick. From the front page: The Microbial Rosetta Stone (MRS) is a database that relates microorganism names, taxonomic classifications, diseases, and scientific literature for the most important human, animal and plant microbial pathogens, with linkage to public genomic sequence databases. more inside
Atomic or Astrological time keeping. Nerds everywhere disagree. This raises all sorts of questions about the nature of time or if it can be accurately measured? Should time be measured by terrestial means (the decay of a radioactive isotope) or by astrological means (X-ray emmissons from pulsars) more inside
Curious George - Self Evident Sayings - Sayings you've heard that make you you wonder why they had to be said. more inside
Monkey cops keep the peace among groups . "When 'law enforcement' removed, monkey society becomes divisive". Well, we coulda told them that.
The London house (QuickTime) inhabited by Benjamin Franklin has just been opened to the public, marking his 300th birthday.
Some tanks enjoy a leisurely drive through Tiananmen Square A lighthearted (and very brief) look at the potential changes for image searching on Google China. more inside
Baltimore Meetup: monkeys wanted. Tonight (Jan 27, 7pm) at Club Charles. more inside
Seven myths about the Challenger Space Shuttle accident. I have to admit to being horribly fascinated by this tragedy. Twenty years ago tomorrow...
All the Katamari Damacy lyrics, translated to English. For the Katamari Damacy fans, from someone who apparently had too much time on their hands. more inside
[Insert Title Here] gives you the chance to become a comic strip writer, collaberating with the creators of PandaXpress - one page at a time. Guidelines here. If you enjoyed the NaNoWriMoNoMoJoJoJo threads, this may be right up your creative alley.
Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals Crazy Delicious (click to play) We've seen rap battles in the past. Some just fade, and some never to be forgotten. Now in 2006 we have the mother of them all.
Curious George: Website Maintenance Quote? Please help this monkey! I have a chance to contract for web creation/maintenance, but have never bid for such before. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what is a typical bid for such things? more inside
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