November 09, 2006

Dennis the Menace meets Fight Club.
Text-speak on exams. Scottish authorities OK answers written in text, 'as long as the basic idea is expressed.' Examiners in New Zealand may or may not, depending. Researchers at Coventry University say texting actually improves spelling skills. more inside
How to unblock a toilet with Winona Ryder's plainer and less successful sister. Video thingy plays straight away. via
Gertie the Dinosaur. {warning: long Google video}. An animated movie by Winsor Mccay, creator of Little Nemo. More Mccay animations. It's been a long time since I posted a FPP. Sorry if this is a repeat, or just not up to snuff.
Ruined Music
Rumsfeld's Rules (.pdf) In 1974, then-White House Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld compiled a handbook with advice for incoming White House staffers, which is still passed on to Washington newcomers of both parties. HTML link
Soup Heaven. For lunch today, I had Pho the Vietnamese beef noodle soup that costs so little but is so, so good. Ask for the extra large, and you'll have a bathtub of soup. Ask for rare beef, well cooked beef, tripe, shank, beef balls (don't ask) or whatever variant suits you. The best!

November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigning! No more words are needed...
Guess the logo (flaaaaash)
Microsoft offers free domain names and web hosting. Microsoft ups the web-hosting ante by throwing free domain names into the mix. From the website: "features include - personalized business domain name, easy-to-use design tools, 5 business e-mail accounts, Web site traffic reports". 30Mb storage, 10Gb bandwidth. Check out the FAQ
Intellectual Property and the Ultimate One Hit Wonder
Dukakis In A Tank As the votes are counted from todays USA mid-term elections, and inspired by this Simpsons episode, why not take a moment to remember how a single photo-op can affect a campaign. more inside
The site Quick Muse done lit the fuse. It's flexy, it's crammin', it's elision, it's punctuation and hoo diggity. That's fleet erudition to me. Via. (Also, no apologies to Steven Tyler.)

November 07, 2006

Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection Palindromes a little linguistic limberness, you monkeys may be able to get your simian brain around, and distract you from the election. Here is some previous monkey chatter on the subject. more inside
Variations on the Baritone Horn and the Euphonium
Walken to play Ozzy!!! W. T. F
Gods of Japan A photo library and dictionary with emphasis on Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. more inside
Okay, so first of all, the Duchess of York has a weblog. Yes. She really, really does. And if that isn't amusing (it isn't, it's mostly a little disturbing), then be amused by the brilliant use of tags on the Amazon page for Kevin Federline's new album. I hear the reviews are also amusing, in an igry sort of way.
Pronto Condoms When you absolutely, positively must have safe sex immediately.
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