April 02, 2007

Curious, George: Your favorite media player sucks. Okay, so I got a problem. Windows Media Player is creating folders on my USB drive. "What's this," you gasp? "Yes," I reply! more inside
Zooming down into the mandelbrot set forever and ever (youtube video)

April 01, 2007

Deep fried goldfish. Never before have our little fishy friends been so grateful for the powers of convection.
Trailer Club 70. Trailers of strange films from the seventies and beyond
Gay man in 'bashing the bishop" suit The Bishop of Hereford is being taken to an industrial tribunal by a man who claims he was refused a job as a youth worker because he is gay.
Curious George: Are there any graphically creative folks out there in the monkeynet who know where online I can find a font that looks like a wood carving? Hm?
Dress like a pirate and be forced to walk the plank.

March 31, 2007

San Francisco peregrines George and Gracie nested on the Bay Bridge this year; bad idea. Scientists from the Predatory Bird Research Group at UC Santa Cruz removed their eggs for incubation and hatching in a more safe location. more inside
Curious George: Breaking In A Mitt What's the best way to break in a mitt? more inside

March 30, 2007

"...only a chocolate Jesus / Can satisfy my soul..."
No rulebreaking at Wal-Mart! more inside
Boston Marathon run virtually Sunita Williams qualified for the Boston Marathon but will be out of town on the day of the race next month. The race committee was gracious enough to let her participate virtually, bungee'd down on a zero-G treadmill in the Zvezda module of the International Space Station. more inside
Sport Bean! Need a quick burst of energy but don't like trail mix or Clif bars? Give the Jelly Belly Sport Bean a try! more inside

March 29, 2007

Cuteness, lethal dose of. A single link to YouTube, yes, but also, technically speaking, the single cutest thing ever.
Dog Performs Heimlich Maneuver, Saves Owner's Life Golden labrador Toby jumped on Debbie Parkhurst's chest repeatedly as she choked on a piece of apple which had become lodged in her throat. At first, she thought the two-year-old was playing but now she believes he knew exactly what he was doing.
Digitised version of Matteo Ricci's 1602 map of the world. Via
The Drachen Foundation has some stuff about kites. (I particularly liked the idea of miniature kites) more inside
The BBC is the future of your newspaper. Maybe.
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