February 13, 2004

Majik. A video with some nice stop-motion animation by Artomic and Process, and music by ohGr. [Via Milk and Cookies.]
Simpsons: The Movie Via Slashdot
Loxie and Zoot is a comic strip for, by and about nudists. Lots of T and P and A, but no XXX. If this is your cup of tea, check out the artist's site, Toons au Naturel.
Civil disobedience in San Francisco - In an open challenge to California law, city authorities officiated at the marriages of at least eight same-sex couples Thursday and issued about a dozen more marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. more inside
Enchanted Ceiling : a photoblog
The history of Tetris. Probably the most played computer game ever (although Super Mario Bros or Space invaders might beat it), Tetris is currently the subject of a documentary on BBC4 (BBC news companion piece). Of more interest, maybe, is the Tetris Taxonomy, with its comprehensive look at the pieces, moves, and even the philosophy in the game. more inside
Their deals were just too good Customers of Poland run amok.

February 12, 2004

A (Last) Day in the Life of GG Allin
Splitsville For Ken And Barbie--Rumors Abound!
Orca Slap New Pingu and Yeti game.
Curious George: MoFi census A butcher, a baker, and candlestick maker... more inside
The Snow Show. The Snow Show is a unique cultural project that brings together internationally recognized artists and architects to design collaborative installations using snow and ice as their primary materials. more inside
Higher Primates Can Program After VB.NET Training - The finding have implications for the entire software industry, with some scientists predicting routine programming such as maintenance and report writing will be performed by teams of primates within 10 years. more inside
Uh-oh. Kerry in trouble?
The Tale of the Nazi Pornographers- in which a young German novelist runs into trouble for portraying Nazi porn auteurs in too flattering a light. Somehow, this wasn't a problem for Gravity's Rainbow's Nazi orgy scenes...
Texas Pharmacist fired for denying rape victim's prescription Followup on a story that I think we had our collective monkey peeper on.
Molecules with silly names "Here we'll show you some real molecules that have unusual, ridiculous or downright silly names" (one pic NSFW?)
You liked grouphug.us? One time I was sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of milk. When I finished, I threw it up, back into the glass. I then placed it on the coffee table for later disposal, and fell asleep on the couch. Awhile later, I woke up, said to myself 'I thought I'd finished this milk"... More complete stories like this at lowbrow dot com
I Told You So: Bush Washington Times Letter Bogus The Washington Times letter was brought up in a previous post. This is a form letter. It was also sent to "The Observer." There are serious errors in this letter. Second, there was no such thing as a "disciplinary unit" to which Bush would have been ordered. They just don't exist. Any discipline, if required, is handled within the squadron or group, administratively or judicially. There would be a record and a reflection in Lt. Bush's performance review, and none such exist, as was confirmed in a (unfriendly) Washington Post article in 2000. more inside
You only think you saw that happen
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