April 10, 2004

Spontaneous and Unexplained Fires. Despite CNN reporting this on April 1st, it appears to have some validity. Could this be part of the the Gay Apocalypse recently discussed on MeFi? Maybe it is The End of the World. via nielgaiman.com.
Robot Art. more inside
Battle of the Transformed Fish Check out all other works of Ken Rinaldo as well.

April 09, 2004

Screenshots. Twenty scenes from history and cinema, rendered creepily in isometric style. more inside
Decency Filter: Clearplay, RCA and WalMart are working together to clean up the movies you watch. This is an interesting circumvention of the problems Hollywood has been suing Clearplay for. [via /.] more inside
Keystone Cops When in doubt: throw the man who called 911 to the ground and shoot his dog.
IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! - just listen to that MP3. It makes me love the weekend all over again.
Pennsylvania Church Whips Easter Bunny. Melissa Salzmann, who brought her 4-year-old son J.T., said the program was inappropriate for young children. "He was crying and asking me why the bunny was being whipped," Salzmann said.
House Gymnastics: "Step-by-Step" guides for walking on the ceiling. (Previously seen on the internet: Freestyle Wheelbarrowing and Freestyle Walking).
Uncle Krinkley's Incorrectly Sifted Music - Findings from the poopiest music this planet has to offer, as presented by the Incorrect Music radio program, broadcast on WFMU, NJ. I recommend the Mormon Kids, Carl Lewis singing the Star Spangled Banner, and any Leonard Nimoy track.
For our Christian Monkey pals around the world, we present: The Easter Bunny Rap! Heh.
Curious George: How much are you paying for gasoline? With predictions of overwhelming increases at the pump, at what point do you start reconsidering your travel arrangements? How much is too much for you? more inside
The Armour Archive is a great resource for anyone who is interested in making their own armor. You can browse through patterns and essays to help you on your way.
Byzantium: Faith and Power. An online exhibition from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Schadenfreude TV? Some guy plans to bet all his money on a single roulette spin on Vegas, and Sky plans a show on it. I'm worried at the depths reality TV has sinked to; have we become so jaded that unless it's real anguish, real tears, real desperation, real people subjected to suffering and humilliation, it just doesn't register? It doesn't excites us, otherwise? Now that world news makes the most outrageous Max Headroom episodes seem naive and unimaginative, are we just a season away from Videodrome, the TV show?
Put words in Dubya's mouth. This is way too awsome. Funny how accurate to the real thing it sounds...
J.G.I.W.Y.P. Don't blame me, I got it from Esselle. It's a frightening world.
All the quotes you need to quote. This is kind of an extention of Sullivan's previous post. This one is my favorite.
Billboards--Spam From A More Civilised Age. These babies would give Ladybird Johnson an embolism, but is there anything more American than a GIANT ad?
Japanese Macaques. Photographs taken on a "monkey-hill" near Kyoto.
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