August 10, 2004

DNA may contain the message we're looking for. If you're familiar with SETI, the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence using radio waves, this article postulates that we need to be looking in the genetic code: DNA, the molecule that contains the script of life, encodes its data in a four-letter alphabet. This would be an ideal medium for storing a cosmic calling card. In many organisms, humans included, genes make up only a tiny fraction of their DNA. Much of the rest seems to be biological gobbledygook, often called "junk DNA". There is plenty of room there for ET to etch a molecular message without damaging any vital genetic functions.
This Sentence is a Story. This story is about a woman and a man. This story is too long. This story is too short. This story has an ending. This story has none.
Hey, US citizens abroad! Welcome to the first online Overseas Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request system. Did you know that you can vote in US elections, even if you don't have a permanent US residence? I didn't, which is why I didn't vote in 2000. But now I know better, and so do you! It's easy to register! Do it! Do it today!!
Bring on the stocks and pillories Shawn Gementera stole mail. His punishment is to stand outside the post office wearing a sign that says "I stole mail." The Ninth US Circuit court approved. This hearkens back to the days when criminals were paraded in the town square and humiliated. Is this a more effective form of punishment than incarceration?
View deleted MeFi threads. [via] I'm not sure if this will work on MoFi as well, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless. - a news analysis, commentary and personal opinion website. For starters, his complete destruction of those Swift Boat Veterans and his examination of compassionate conservatism as performed by Bush appointees
The Concealed Garments Project
Curious George: Downloadable Calendar There was a discussion in March about a good online calendar. I'm looking for something a bit different. more inside
Mountain Dew Pitch Black ("Don't be afraid of the dark!") and Pepsi Holiday Spice ("Spice up the holidays!") As one Important Pop Guy says, "By introducing new flavors for a short period of time, then taking them away, we're meeting the wants and needs of soft-drink consumers while playing directly to their purchasing patterns."
Indelicately titled "Books that will induce a mindf**k" (idea). Sad to say, I haven't read the vast majority of them. Any titles or authors you would add? Any titles listed you particularly recommend? Any you disagree with?
Buildings that look like animals and other things. I stumbled across this bb devoted to skyscrapers, and one very cool thread in particular. This is why I love the internet.
Neural Darwinism. A brief interview with Gerald Edelman. [Via dangerousmeta!]
Tati Danielle I see one of the all-time great weird clothing chains of the world is in trouble. With magnificent website like this, how could it all have gone so wrong? more inside
Pain-Orgasm (a branding story). Burn, baby, burn.
Short films. More short films. Additional short films. Very short films. Very short films in Dutch. And the shortest films of all. Various players req'd.
Links to new Gmail applications Some of these seem potentially great, and I'll no doubt be playing around with a few of them. [Via MeFi]
Nice bed, but they forgot the parachute.
(Full Article) Stay Free's Carrie McLaren brings up an amazing 2 year old historical relic: the Ad Council's post-9/11 PSA's that tried to inspire patriotism by showing 1984-style scenarios (library visitors tracked by secret police, people arrested for expressing dissent) and culminating with the tagline, "What if America Wasn't America?"
Two years later, you're living in an America that isn't America.
(my first post. please don't kill me. thank you.)
Face blindness. This analogy is from Cecilia Burman's prosopagnosia pages, loaded with fantastic graphics and visuals on this strange affliction. As someone who cannot remember new faces until I've had weeks of contact, social situations can be annoying, frustrating, and sometimes a tad offensive.
Curious, George: Would you like to touch my monkey? Does anyone know of a german-language MoFi/MeFi-like site? more inside
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