August 11, 2004

Put your own photo or art on a genuine U.S. Postage Stamp. This is a 3 month trial by the USPS with more inside
Curious George: Contact lenses. Anyone know of an online contact lens vendor that is not militant about a slightly expired prescription? more inside
Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan! more inside
"The idea of using Jell-O as a sculptural medium came to me as a result of consciously trying to free my mind from the traditional constraints of sculpture making."
The Spam Gourmet. For monkeys that aren't fortunate enough to have a gmail account, there's this alternative. It's a disposable email address that's permanent, if you can wrap your head around that. It requires no effort on your part (today was my first return to the site in over a year, possibly two, and I haven't recieved a single piece of spam since before that). Even if you have a gmail account, there's no sense in filling that gig of storage up with spam.
Play with George Ok you USA dwellers ... you don't get a chance to choose your President till November ... But here's a chance to play with how the current one looks.
Self appointed, self anointed "grammar cop" goes on a crusade against all grammar, spelling and punctuation infractions. Humouously of course, though he does dole out fines. Admit it, you've always wanted to do that.
Curious (and frustrated) George: Porting a SVCD.MPG file from PC to Mac. more inside
They Might Be Downloads John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants recently gave an interview to MSNBC wherein he makes some interesting observations about the future of music. One way in which TMGB is challenging the current paradigm is by securing the digital rights to their music, and selling mp3s of their latest recordings (and recordings of entire concerts!) on their website. more inside
$o is thi$ what it wa$ all about all the time? The woman who has accused Kobe Bryant of raping her filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday against the NBA star, seeking unspecified monetary damages.... ...A criminal case requires a higher standard of proof to convict -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- and punishment can involve prison time. A civil case has a lower standard of proof -- a preponderance of evidence -- and punishment is usually a monetary award...
Curious, George While fooling around with the style sheets, I tried Monkeypedia. Now,I can't get back to my profile to change back to the default. Hope me!
A comprehensive guide to ambient music An excellent site with sound clips and reviews. Try Harold Budd, David Sylvian (of Japan) especially Gone to Earth, Jah Wobble, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc. Otherwise known as 6 degrees of Eno. more inside
Make your own snowflake (flash). This is nice and quite relaxing. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, two snowflakes can look identical.
Curious George: Has anybody here besides me participated in The Southwestern Company's summer program? You know, the one where you work an obscene amount of hours working door to door selling 'study guides'? I'd love to hear both success and horror stories that anyone might have.

August 10, 2004

Musicblogging Roundtable
The Morning News just published a long interview with a bunch of prominent musicbloggers, discussing their involvement and opinions in the field. It's a fun read, if you overlook the nonsense that John guy is talking. more inside
Colin Powell to Skip GOP Convention Once the most respected member of Bush's cabinet, Secretary Powell has decided not to engage in the "parochial debate" at the RNC. Maybe he'd rather just be fishin', but I doubt most people will take it that way. more inside
Curious George: What is in turkey pastrami? Is there a website anywhere that lists exactly what meat is in different types of specialty meats -- e.g. salami, bratwurst, hot dogs, etc? All websites I've found use vague adjectives such as "beef" or "pork". Sorry, I am a picky about meat and don't want to be eating offal, organs, and snouts. Or lips and a-holes, to quote John Candy.
DNA may contain the message we're looking for. If you're familiar with SETI, the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence using radio waves, this article postulates that we need to be looking in the genetic code: DNA, the molecule that contains the script of life, encodes its data in a four-letter alphabet. This would be an ideal medium for storing a cosmic calling card. In many organisms, humans included, genes make up only a tiny fraction of their DNA. Much of the rest seems to be biological gobbledygook, often called "junk DNA". There is plenty of room there for ET to etch a molecular message without damaging any vital genetic functions.
This Sentence is a Story. This story is about a woman and a man. This story is too long. This story is too short. This story has an ending. This story has none.
Hey, US citizens abroad! Welcome to the first online Overseas Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request system. Did you know that you can vote in US elections, even if you don't have a permanent US residence? I didn't, which is why I didn't vote in 2000. But now I know better, and so do you! It's easy to register! Do it! Do it today!!
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