August 10, 2004

Curious George: Downloadable Calendar There was a discussion in March about a good online calendar. I'm looking for something a bit different. more inside
Mountain Dew Pitch Black ("Don't be afraid of the dark!") and Pepsi Holiday Spice ("Spice up the holidays!") As one Important Pop Guy says, "By introducing new flavors for a short period of time, then taking them away, we're meeting the wants and needs of soft-drink consumers while playing directly to their purchasing patterns."
Indelicately titled "Books that will induce a mindf**k" (idea). Sad to say, I haven't read the vast majority of them. Any titles or authors you would add? Any titles listed you particularly recommend? Any you disagree with?
Buildings that look like animals and other things. I stumbled across this bb devoted to skyscrapers, and one very cool thread in particular. This is why I love the internet.
Neural Darwinism. A brief interview with Gerald Edelman. [Via dangerousmeta!]
Tati Danielle I see one of the all-time great weird clothing chains of the world is in trouble. With magnificent website like this, how could it all have gone so wrong? more inside
Pain-Orgasm (a branding story). Burn, baby, burn.
Short films. More short films. Additional short films. Very short films. Very short films in Dutch. And the shortest films of all. Various players req'd.
Links to new Gmail applications Some of these seem potentially great, and I'll no doubt be playing around with a few of them. [Via MeFi]
Nice bed, but they forgot the parachute.
(Full Article) Stay Free's Carrie McLaren brings up an amazing 2 year old historical relic: the Ad Council's post-9/11 PSA's that tried to inspire patriotism by showing 1984-style scenarios (library visitors tracked by secret police, people arrested for expressing dissent) and culminating with the tagline, "What if America Wasn't America?"
Two years later, you're living in an America that isn't America.
(my first post. please don't kill me. thank you.)
Face blindness. This analogy is from Cecilia Burman's prosopagnosia pages, loaded with fantastic graphics and visuals on this strange affliction. As someone who cannot remember new faces until I've had weeks of contact, social situations can be annoying, frustrating, and sometimes a tad offensive.
Curious, George: Would you like to touch my monkey? Does anyone know of a german-language MoFi/MeFi-like site? more inside
No More Free Rap The attorneys general for the states of Kansas and Indiana have withheld the distribution of more than 7,000 CDs, including music by Outkast and Rage Against the Machine, to state libraries because they have deemed the music objectionable. more inside
Free MP3's We all know MP3 blogs are the hot new thing right now. Problem is, lots of us question the morals of illegal, copyright infringing MP3's, or happen to have the FBI watching over our back, so what to do? Lucky for you, there's lots of quality MP3 blogs that link only to legal, label/band-approved songs. Mystery and Misery is one such quality blog which has recently even gotten newspaper attention. Other quality legal MP3 blogs include 3hive and Fat Planet. more inside
Curious George: The LSAT I'm taking the LSAT in October and any helpful hints would be appreciated.
Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing.... Don't know the difference between the Pigmy Nuthatch and the Common Redpoll? Can't imitate a Northern Bobwhite's whistle if your life depended on it? Well, sounds like you need to get to practicing your birdcalls, and if you can't find out the sound it makes here, chances are it just don't make noise. more inside
The Ten Second Film Festival is the shortest, most challenging film festival on earth. All the films in the festival are 10 seconds or less and can be made using anything from a video camera, computer animation, web cam, flash animations, CCTV or whatever else you can get your hands on. You can watch it on the web, mobile phones, PDAs and in cinemas and film festivals around the world.

August 09, 2004

How not to buy happiness. In effect, I wish to propose two different answers to the question “Does money buy happiness?” more inside
Curious George Calls the Cops When do you, personally, call the cops on strangers? Visible blood? Scary noises next door? Damn kids in your Jello Tree again? To screw over your annoying neighbours and their stupid loud stereo/dogs/opinions at odds with yours? Never, because you won't be a brainwashed stooge of The Man? Is 911 on speed dial? Or ranked with 666? I ask because I had to ponder the people in the apartment next door and their very loud and possibly dangerous bout of wall-punching, door-breaking and general screechiness at 2 am last night.
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