October 04, 2004

Curious George: Monday MoFi Music Mix Musings What would you put on a music mix dedicated to us MoFi monkeys? I think I'd suggest this.
Turkmenbashi is a Garlic-Eating Space Monkey with a Battle Rating of 7.9.
Unleash your own Food-Eating Battle Monkey. [via littlefluffy]
National Novel Writing Month. If you ever wanted to write a crappy novel, here's your chance. more inside
Behold the fabulousness of the puffling! "...the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback and throw the bird like a football..."
Bob Dylan Pimps His New autobiography
Curious, George: Coconuts. How does one get the flesh out of an opened coconut?
The Heritage of the Great War is dedicated to the events and consequences of World War One. We put some emphasis on unorthodox and thought-provoking points of view. We are averse to historicism and military fetishism. And we show people rather than strategic plans or statistics. To this end this website features one of the most extensive and explicit WW-1 photo collections on the Internet. [nsfw]
Curious George: I'm running iChat on OSX. For some reason, it automatically adds to my buddy list anyone who IMs me. This is really irritating. How do I fix it?
Meet Marla Olmstead, painter. Her work has been compared Pollack and Kandinsky; she has sold $40,000 worth of paintings and has only been at it for three years. Did I mention she's four years old? Click here to see some of her work. Here's her home page. Makes me think of that kid with MS who wrote all that bogus shitty poetry and made his parents wealthier.
Curious George Calling all football fans among the monkeys: Did this call really happen? more inside

October 03, 2004

GNUmobile Somebody finally made a car that runs on Linux. more inside
Curious, George: Psst - wanna Gmail? Step right up, get your gmail invites. Get 'em while they're hot! more inside
Greene Centenary Saturday, October 2nd, marked the 100th anniversary of Graham Greene's birth. I have been wanting to post about Greene for a while, but I am afraid that I couldn't do better than Matteo's excellent, excellent post on metafilter. Please do check it out. more inside
Curious George - Gmail problem Please help more inside
Curious George - Monkeys in Space Does anyone remember writing to Baker, one of the monkeynauts from a 1959 Jupiter mission? more inside
Terry Pratchett archive - this show is now closed, but this is at least a little taste of what was there. Now I just have to think of some spurious yet essential research to give me an excuse to go play in the new Colin Smythe - Terry Pratchett archive.
Try Google H4x0r Also available: Elmer Fudd, Esperanto, Klingon, Pig Latin, and bork, bork, bork!,
Darwin's Autobiography cover picture ...is of Alfred Russell Wallace. more inside
Clever enough to work for Google? Here's the aptitude test... page 2 page 3 page 4

October 02, 2004

The Ejaculator (SFW) I don't know what more to say except "Touchdown!!!"
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