November 22, 2004

The harmony of horses. This may be old but I found it amusing. flash.
The Monkey Shakespeare Simulator "If you have enough monkeys banging randomly on typewriters, they will eventually type the works of William Shakespeare." Currently, the record is the first 22 letters from "Cymbeline" more inside
Committing George: Wedding Sites Well, I finally got down on one knee and popped the question. She said yes and she'll soon have the title of Mrs. Name That Itch. Huzzah. And now the exceedingly fun part: the planning. My question is: Does anyone know of any useful all-purpose wedding planning websites? I've looked at The Knot, but I'd like to see what else is exists. more inside
Musipedia, inspired by, but not connected with, Wikipedia. The nice thing is that you can search for a tune by whistling it.
JFK Simulation: Education or Entertainment? The assassination of John F. Kennedy is probably the most intensively studied thirty seconds in human history. Now, a computer game company is offering a $100,000 (US) prize for the person who most accurately matches the assassin's shots on their simulation. The Kennedys are not pleased. Historical experiment or crass entertainment? more inside
The Oldest Song in the World? - Clay tablets found by archaeologists in the early '50s at Ugarit remained untranslated for nearly 20 years, but researchers knew they somehow related to music. Finally, the 3,400 year-old cuneiform texts were deciphered in 1972. They were musical notation for a hymn, utilising harmony, & were in the equivalent of the diatonic major scale, suggesting that the diatonic scale existed in ancient times & is probably based upon natural influences. more inside
An optical illusion - it's a bunch of swirly things.
Make Penis Fast!!! (words nsfw)
Curious George--reunion. I recently became re-acquainted with a childhood friend of mine. While searching the web, I came across a book that he had written and instantly recognized his name. After a little more searching, I found his website and email and contacted him. We have exchanged letters and caught-up with each other's lives (its been 21 years since we parted.) Does anybody out there have similar stories? Has the web helped you contact lost friends, etc?
Hunting season has started in Wisconsin Hunting season started in Wisconsin on Saturday. However it seems that deer hunting it's only dangerous for the deer. A hunter got in a arguement with some other hunters over a deer stand and ended up taking matters into his own hands. By shooting at them more inside
The Voices of Cabrini - a documentary film about a housing project which was nevertheless also a neighbourhood and a community. more inside
Elevator Moods Wonderful, atmospheric mini-films (or "moods") that all take place inside elevators, captured on security cameras. The music never sounded so right.
Curious, George: MoFi traditions, in-jokes and terminology? With all the subterreanean MeFi-MoFi wrangling of recent days, its been mentioned that MoFi is very much a seperate and unique community, with its very own idiom. But, what exactly are those in-jokes, running gags, traditions and so forth, as we monkeys see them? more inside
Is Paypal out of control? Personally I haven't had trouble with Paypal, but I'm thinking of jumping ship. Paypal has sparked a rash of slew of complaint and help sites. Paypal seems to be legendary for freezing funds of legitimate businesses. Others get hacked and are then thrown to the collection wolves. Funny that the BBB says they're a-ok, however New York has recently busted them. Anyone here had any Paypal woes? Should I jump ship as a seller? Main link seems to disappear in my Firefox but shows ok in IE.
Knight Replicas. Always wanted to own the best-acted, most well-rounded character in Knight Rider? Well, these people will help you. more inside
Let them sing it for you. The audio equivalent of the cut-up kidnapping note.
Worst Jobs in Science, II Anal wart inspector? Eww! more inside
Monkeys lika da weasel Do you like fluffy weasels?

November 21, 2004

Warning: will destroy your mind Never ending art (warning, impossibly cool flash). Best use of flash ever? Zoom in and out (go there already!) Check some of the details!
Curious George: Wahabi ain't horseradish I'm starting to do research on fundementalist Islam, and haven't been able to find two things that would help me more inside
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