January 22, 2005

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People need to know more historical demography. This Time Magasine article [via mefi] is currently annoying a great many 20-something people because it seems to imply that they are choosing not to marry or settle down because they are immature. However, it annoys me more, because Time Magasine has apparently not even picked up a simple history textbook. If they had, they might have noticed that the current average age of marriage in Western European (and now North American) society has been moving back and forth between the early and late twenties for over 500 years. more inside
Curious George: Voice Recognition Software I need your help yet again monkies, but this time on my mother's behalf. more inside
Gruesome Rat Encounter Freaked Out and Horrified George: There was a RAT in my dining room when I got home last night. The cats had it cornered and were playing with it. The whole thing was beyond horrible and I ended up sweeping it out the front door with a broom, so it seems to be gone, but now I'm all freaked out and don't know what to do next. I must add that I am severely phobic about rodents. (+) more inside
Munchausen! Read the Baron online, with or without illustrations. (Notes on the 7th edition and more on the author and topic.) Visit the Collection in Munchausology! Collect the cards! See one Munchausen film! See them all! And don't forget about the syndrome!
Japanese Cute Animal Pic Site
Post your fave, perhaps with caption? more inside
Broken George. Had a terrible but very, very clear-cut breakup over the phone. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how to keep myself from going insane with grief. What's your best post-breakup plan of action? more inside
Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered on PBS. The last network to fall to neocons. Rants 'n links within. Discussed previously. more inside
The Angel Light. Real or fake? A man claims to have built a device that can see through walls. The idea came to him in a dream and he built it without a blueprint, yet allegedly various foreign institutions have shown interest.
Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Super-Heroes

January 21, 2005

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FCC Chairman Powell announces His Resignation. Good to see one of the man culprits for the chilling of free speech in the US is resigning. Of course I tremble in fear at who his replacement will be.
London Underground: shoot them all with a rifle UKFilterFor everyone who has ever had to suffer a commute on the London Underground. (Quicktime) Possibly NSFW due to a lot of swearing, although if you have ever had to commute on the London Underground, I'm sure you'll agree that the swearing probably doesn't go far enough.
Anatomy of an excavation contains Howard Carter's written journals and records concerning the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the 1920s. It also contains a database of written records and/or Harry Burton's b/w photographs for nearly 600 objects entombed with the boy king (number to the right of the slash indicates number of photos). more inside
Don't step on the rails without authorisation! Fabulous ad for the French railway company. Packed with special effects and dry humor. [QuickTime] (In French but subtitled in English for the language impaired)
Bunny Suicides. Not safe for wabbits.
The Monkey Overlords Are Coming!
The Big Lebowski & Buddhism - The Dude is Buddha, & the movie is about the quest for enlightenment. Maybe. more inside
The Malibu 9 starring: Mr. "Big Pinky" Malibu and his very best friends: The Deepfried Penguin posse. After a late night at the club, the whole crew were on its way home. BUT THERE IS EVIL IN THE NIGHT! Who can be so cruel? There is only one...a bird so mean, cactuses grows in his footsteps...El Flamingo! [FLASH GAME]
Every Nintendo game, from Abadox to Zombie Nation, in Java format.
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