May 18, 2006

Peanuts meets Marvel.
Italians Unleash Smog-Eating Cement An Italian company is releasing a revolutionary 'smog-eating' cement product capable of reducing urban pollution by over 40%. . . . The cement works fast. Nitrogen dioxide clouds left by cars travelling along the Segrate street vanished, on average, five seconds after the vehicle passed by. GoodNewsFilter.
Cancer go bye bye? I for one look forward to being able to take up smoking again.
Who's your daddy? Could be this fella! via
10 Things I Hate About Commandments! - (a YouTube video - NSFW) - a trailer for the new comedy from the people who gave you Must Love Jaws!
Hitting the high notes A musical mystery today surrounded Britain's highest mountain after a piano was discovered near its summit.
Last Minute LA Meetup - featuring Art by sexyrobot! Our very own sexyrobot will have his artwork featured in a one night show at retropia gallery this Friday! more inside
Pump your own gas? Not in NJ One of my favorite memories of living in NJ was the inabililty to pump my own gas. more inside

May 17, 2006

25 yr old virgin admits to having had sex. Same sort of thing as before -- guy supposedly extracted pledge from a platonic friend to relieve him of his unwanted virginity if his site got so many hits. Media took an interest (well, if you call the Toronto Sun "media"), the lie was caught, and people are screwed in ways they'd never imagined.
If you don't see this tacky film, the terrorists have already won. more inside
Scientists Have Discovered Why Some People Can't Resist Food Hint: TV Turnoff Week is involved. Fortunately, Austrailians will finally be taking responsibility for the global affluence pandemic. more inside
Anonymous, George: I been screwed! Back in November I sent via Paypal $250.00 to a designer (who I have worked with in the past) to build a new website. Four months went by without anything happening at all. more inside
Hand over your purse...why, you're beautiful!
Da Bomb. But Ian McKellan likes it. more inside
Got a uterus? Drop that cigarette and step awaaay from the margarita, nice and slowly, now.
Greg Palast Looks Ahead at the 2008 Elections From the Democray Now interview with Amy Goodman last night,, And '08, so what's happening is there is no fix of the system. In other words, just like black folk get bad schools and bad hospitals, they get the bad voting machines, which are going to kill those votes. But they're not satisfied with just letting the ballots be thrown away. They're going to move it along. And one of the things I discovered is the Republican Party has something called "caging lists," which came to our -- you know, just like you had Friday, the way the Yes Men capture material by using false websites, so through a false website we were able to capture Republican Party internal missives, through more inside
Why couldn't they just have arrested me? Links to page with embedded YouTube video. more inside

May 16, 2006

Where to eat tonight? I think I'll go down to the Pink Taco. more inside
Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors - Now that's what I call a show! Warning: link contains a picture of a bear swatting a full grown barbary ape like a piƱata. more inside
The new MacBook is out. Discuss. more inside
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