November 06, 2004

Curious, George: I want a flask, but I don't know what features comprise a good one. Should it be made of steel? Pewter? Should it have a glass liner? Does direct contact with metal change the taste of the liquor? Does it matter if the lid is a "captive" lid or just a regular old screw-on? more inside
The Original Chinatown Badboys Crazy chinatown funk.
Hello, Big Fella! Some charming diagrams from British Columbia railway regulations. That is such a monkey hat.
Curious George: Hactivist Friendly Graduate Programs A thirty-something geek is looking for your recommendations of Graduate Programs that integrates Public Policy, Intellectual Property legislation, Science, Technology (especially computers), Economics and Law. more inside
Read Books, Get Brain Sounds like a good idea for an ad campaign to run on the sides of buses to get the kids of NYC to read, huh? Especially after you find out that "get brain" is current slang for oral sex... and the ad campaign is for a clothing company.
Curious George; NJ Meetup Reminder: Saturday evening, November 6, 2004 in New Jersey. [m.i.]
Artistic George - MoFi T-Shirts? This idea came from the fertile noggin of Space Kitty while under the influence of Musso and Frank's expert mixologists. How about the members of MoFi come up with some T Shirt design ideas? We could have Cafe Press whip them up and the proceeds could go to Tracicle to help keep us in bananas. Any thoughts monkeys?
How important is a national holiday? Germany recently defeated a measure to move Reunification Day to a Sunday. How important a decision is this? more inside

November 05, 2004

The Coolidge Effect .
Curious, George: Moving to Japan with cats? Am I lucky enough to have anyone here that is both in a military family and has moved pets with them on overseas tours? I have a few worries.
Curious George: Underrated talents Inspired by the interesting and voluminous responses to wendell's "overrated talent" thread I am curious to know who MoFites think are underrated artists, performers, personalities etc. more inside
Why are the airlines losing money? Because we are too fat, apparently. Bigger butts = more jet fuel = higher costs.
A friend told me about the other day, a site which could make you the next lucky owner of a free iPod or $250 gift certificate to iTunes. All it (supposedly) requires: you and five friends must each complete one of ten or so bearable commercial offers or free trials. For those of us (like me) who are both poor and iPodless, this is a miracle. Is it too good to be true? more inside
Feds claiming 337,000 jobs created since July. What do you make of this? Genuine improvement in the economy or bad metrics? It seems 98% of my household goods are now made in China. If these are indeed mostly service jobs, then by analogy, how can business be booming at hot dog stands outside an auto manufacturing plant that has been bleeding jobs?
Whatcha gonna do, do you wanna get down? This really makes me long for the days when even Ponch and John were getting down.
Seattle Monkey Business: Reminder: Saturday, 7p, the Elysian, Seattle's Capitol Hill. Monkeys, Mofites, and free-range bloggers. Air kisses, dahlings, air kisses.
You Are Here. And you thought that election dealy was something important. more inside
Mofites speak out in the press! (I'll let everyone guess who's who. Thanks again for your help!)
The WWI Document Archive I found this when I was looking for biographical information on the Serb nationalist who killed Kaiser Wilhelm. The archive also has great bits like the Constitution of the Black Hand and the Young Turk Proclamation. Also take a look at the thoroughly hilarious Zabern affair!. more inside
Move along...? There have been (very quiet) rumblings about Walden O'Dell's (chief executive of Diebold) involvement in the elections this year. Will the Black Box inquiries be disregarded as paranoid conspiracy theorists? Is there ANY way to verify that there was no tampering with the votes, or are we to blindly have faith in the "process" with NO oversight confirmation? There is attention shown to the Voting Machines, but little to the software running those machines and who had access to either during the elections.
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