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August 17, 2004

Bj "I think to a certain extent maybe moving to New York influenced me, and then the 9/11 episode and the crisis that is going on in the world today. And to a certain extent all this made me very interested in primitive elements. In something that was before all this happened." Our old friend Bj more inside
US Olympic Shooting Medal Results. Does anyone else find it strange that the U.S. has yet to medal in any shooting events? Since 1984 we only have 15 out of a possible 207 medals, according to this (PDF). With so many guns around, why aren't we dominating the sport as we once did?
Porn good. Australia Bad. Depsite findings porn is good for you, Australia's politicians continue march to "ban on-line porn." Will the last person to leave Australia please turn out the lights? more inside
Doggy Poo
"Sometimes dreams really DO come true." You _must_ watch the preview. more inside
Neat-o Anth-ro

August 16, 2004

Costco wants your final purchase Only $799 and deliverable within 48 hours. Discounts to the bitter end!
The Zen of Drinking Alone: Using Alcohol to Bring Out Your Inner Monkey
At stake is nothing less than the right of Americans to travel anonymously in their own country -- and the exposure of 'secret law' for what it is: an abomination. more inside
curious george: customy goodness? can we make our user pages pretty? or aren't we allowed? more inside
Olympic female posteriors make up the lion's share of Yahoo's "most viewed" photos today. Go figure.
Abu Ghraib Report Exonerates Rumsfeld. A new Pentagon report on abuses at Abu Ghraib -- due to be released at the end of the month -- has been leaked in part to the Baltimore Sun. "By naming military intelligence officials as well as the seven military police who have been charged," said a lawyer who has liaised with military officials involved in the case, "it will look like action has been taken. But basically it's still the same storyline of just a few bad apples, way down the food chain."
Antique weirdness NSFW. Welcome and Warning! " What is presented here is a piece of my collection of antique weirdness. If you cannot enjoy racism, ignorance, nudity, sex, or just plain weirdness within their historical context, then this is not the place for you. If you can see possibilities of the humor, the horror, and plain shock value in some of this material, then click on the following links and enjoy." I find this site disturbing, yet interseting in a twisted sense.
The fix may be in, yet again... Bob Herbert of that liberal rag, the New York Times (reg required, blah blah...) writes a little Op-Ed on what looks like it could be more shady goings-on in the Sunshine State's voting situation. Are we just being paranoid, or not paranoid enough?
Wacky Courtcases including United States v. Satan. more inside
Urban Golf - I've played golf...I was rubbish at it. I gave up after paying
Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said.
Curious. George is naked! Alrighty - I can see a guy in the next apartment building sitting on his bed all nekkid and eating Doritos. Thing is, this is only because it's dark, and his window is swung outward and so a perfect mirror into his bedroom. So buddy isn't an exhibitionist, unlike most of my neighbours, and myself - mostly I am just too lazy to find pants before I sprint through my living room - so he might not like this arrangement. more inside
Curious, George: What do you know about Venezuela? more inside
Sneaky porn director turns curious cops into boys in blue.
Trial Proceedings from London's Old Bailey -- 100,000 fully searchable cases heard between 1674 and 1834, including details of the crime, the offender, and sentencing. The site also has essays about policing, crime, gender and general life in 17th century London. The Old Bailey remains a fixture of London's criminal justice system and has some of the nicest courtrooms I've ever been in (lots of dark wood and men in wigs). more inside
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